2023 Children's Showcase

Spring Showcase Information

Showcase Information

The Children’s Showcase is an end of year demonstration for students in Fundamentals of Dance, Pre-Ballet, Level 1, and Adaptive Dance. The Showcase will be held at the Bolender Center Frost Studio Theater on Saturday, May 13, 2023. Below you will find more details regarding this performance opportunity.

Rehearsal Information

All rehearsals will take place during the student’s regularly scheduled class times beginning in March. We encourage students to have good attendance for the remainder of the school year so they don’t miss any rehearsals for the show.

Performance Information

The theme this year is inspired by the book “Animal Poems for Children”.  This book is a collection of animal poems written by different authors. Each poem explores what it’s like to be a particular animal.  Each class has been given one of these animal poems as inspiration for their showcase piece.

How does my child participate?
Please fill out the registration below in order for your student to participate in the Children’s Showcase. RSVP’s are due March 20th. (Students do not need to be vaccinated to participate in the showcase.)

RSVP your student!


What does the performance look like?
This year’s showcase is based off of the children’s book “Animal Poems for Children”. Each class will be given a different animal poem and selected piece of music for the showcase. Their teacher will use the skills they have been practicing in class to create a short piece for the students to demonstrate. Each performance is around 30 minutes long.

Do I need to buy tickets?
No, there are no tickets for the Children’s Showcase. However, families are limited to bring 2 adult guests to the performance since we will have limited seating. Please note that current Kansas City Ballet Performance Protocol dictates that audiences members DO NOT need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Masks are currently not required for audience members.

Are there any fees for this performance?
There are no performance or costume fees for this show. All students are asked to wear their class uniform for the showcase.

Is there a t-shirt I can purchase?
Yes! Below you will find a t-shirt order form for the 2022-2023 school year. If you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt, please place your order by April 3.


When is my child’s performance time?
Below you will find the class listing for each performance. Please look for your student’s campus and then class name/teacher. If you have any questions, please email school@kcballet.org.

Showcase Schedule

Your Student’s Show is Saturday, May 13 at 9:00am:
BC Mon 3:45PM Fundamentals with Ms. Georgia
BC Sat 10:00AM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Aspen
BC Mon 4:45PM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Georgia
JC Wed 4:15PM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Macy
BC Mon/Wed Level 1A with Ms. Georgia

Your Student’s Show is Saturday, May 13 at 10:30am:
BC Tue 4:00PM Fundamentals with Ms. Nora
JC Sat 10:00AM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Tina
JC Tue 4:30PM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Iyonna
BC Sat 10:30AM Adaptive Dance Ages 3-7 with the AD Team
JC Tue/Sat Level 1D with Ms. Tina


Your Student’s Show is Saturday, May 13 at 12:00pm:
JC Sat 9:00AM Fundamentals with Ms. Tina
BC Thu 4:00PM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Nora
JC Thu 4:00PM Fundamentals with Ms. Iyonna
BC Sat 12:00PM Adaptive Dance Ages 8-13 w/ our AD Team
JC Mon/Fri Level 1C with Ms. Iyonna

Your Student’s Show is Saturday, May 13 at 1:30pm:
BC Sat 9:00AM Fundamentals with Ms. Nora
BC Wed 4:45PM Pre-Ballet with Ms. Chelsea
JC Mon 4:00PM Fundamentals with Ms. Susan
BC Sat 11:15PM Adaptive Dance Ages 3-7 with our AD Team
BC Tue/Thu Level 1B with Ms. Nora

Questions? Email school@kcballet.org with any questions about the Children’s Showcase.