Kansas City Ballet

as of 7/13/23

Health and Safety Protocols

Kansas City Ballet School is committed to creating a safe and healthy training environment for our students, staff and families. The protocols below are created by Kansas City Ballet’s Health & Safety Task Force in accordance with the advice of medical professionals, national, state and local officials as well as other ballet schools across our nation.

*Please note that guidelines and safety protocol may change based on changes to national, state, and/or local recommendations. Updates will be marked with the date they have been added.



When to stay home

If your student is exhibiting any one of the following symptoms they should stay home:



Shortness of Breath

New Loss of Taste or Smell


Body Aches


Sore Throat


Runny Nose (exception-seasonal allergies)




Your student should stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19.



If any of these apply to your student they should STAY HOME, contact the school at school@kcballet.org and cc Kimberly Cowen at kcowen@kcballet.org.



Entering the Building

  • Students should arrive for class no more than 15 minutes before class start time.
  • Parents are allowed into the building at either campus to take care of business at the front desk or to use the restroom. Parents should drop their children off in the entryway and teachers or hall monitors will escort them up to the studio.  Please do not leave until you know your child has been admitted into the building.
  • Students should arrive in their dance clothes under street clothes and with their own equipment (e.g. mat). Dressing Rooms will be available to students at the South Campus and to students in the Secondary & Pre-Professional Divisions at the Bolender Center. Do not wear ballet shoes outside.
  • Schedules will be posted near the entry. If they have any questions about the schedule, the security guard at Bolender Center or school staff at either campus can assist.

Bolender Center Campus

  • Bolender Center students will be directed in one of three ways. They will either be asked to line up in the lobby and wait to be escorted to their classroom, they will be asked to go directly to the designated area outside their assigned studio or they may be directed to proceed to the dressing rooms.
  • Students should not enter the studio until a teacher or KCBS staff has instructed you to do so.

South Campus 

  • Parents may drop off their student at the front desk.
  • South Campus students will be directed to go to the dressing rooms, no parents are allowed in the dressing rooms.
  • Students should not enter the studio until a teacher or KCBS staff has instructed you to do so.

In the Studio

  • Please leave dance bags in the area directly outside of your studio. Pointe shoe bags and water bottles may be taken into the studio. Any cell phones must be on silent or off during class and remain inside their dance bag.
  • Students should wait for the teacher to open the studio door. As soon as the teacher is in the studio, and has opened the door, students may enter the studio one at a time and take their spots at the barre.


  • Students should use the restroom prior to class. They will only be allowed to use the bathroom during class at the teachers’ discretion.
  • We recommend that students use hand sanitizer as needed.
  • Water bottle filling stations are available.

Exiting the Building

  • After putting on cover-ups and gathering their belongings, students at the Bolender Center will exit the building by using the main staircase.
  • Students at the South Campus will exit the building via the main lobby, parents please come to the door to meet your child.


  • Students will be escorted by a teacher or KCBS staff to the designated exit.
  • Students must be picked up at the designated pick-up location within the 15 minutes following their class.

General Guidelines & Safety Protocols

  • FACE COVERINGS: Masks are optional for students at both campuses. If your student chooses to wear a mask, they should bring multiple masks to change throughout the day as moisture from breathing and perspiring affects the effectiveness of the mask. Extra masks should be kept in a separate bag within the student’s dance bag to minimize contamination.
  • PERSONAL PROTECTION: Students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizer and water bottles.
  • CLEANING: Studios will be cleaned every evening after classes are finished.