Meet Supporters Like You

Great dance is a gift of joy!

Many thanks to the following individuals and charitable foundations for their annual and event support from July 1, 2021 – November 30, 2021.

The Bolender Society

Your gift may qualify you to join the Bolender Society, the Ballet’s premiere philanthropic support group. Bolender Society members experience exclusive guest artist lectures, trips and excursions to dance events and meet company dancers at special social gatherings.

The Bolender Society

Membership and Donor Involvement

Leadership: $100,000+

Missouri Arts Council
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation

Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Commerce Bank, Trustee

Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation

Bolender Society Diamond: $50,000-$99,999

Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger
Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation

The Francis Family Foundation / Scott Francis

Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hunkeler

Bolender Society Platinum: $25,000-$49,999

Jacskon and Gamble Family

Bolender Society Gold: $10,000-$24,999

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beal
Dr. Carol Blum
Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Steve and Cathy Doyal
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry
Mr. Michael D. Fields

Marilyn A.W. Gaar, in memory of Norman E. Gaar
Ms. Joan Horan
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Illig
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Kao Family Foundation
Dennis and Susan Lordi Marker
Mason L Dean Foundation
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation

George and Wendy Powell
Fund of The Kuehn Foundation
Paula and Jack Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Shoare
Kay and Gary Smith
Angela and John Walker
Sarah Ye

Bolender Society Silver: $5,000-$9,999

Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins, The Lighton Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry F. Anderson Jr
Bruce and Vicki Baxter
Melinda L. and Tom E. Beal
Jeffrey J. Bentley
Joe and Claire Brand
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb
Ms. Lisa Choules
Karen and Steven Clegg
Bill and Jo Anne Dondlinger
Mr. and Mrs. Randy H. Downing
Peggy and Terrence Dunn
Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg
Carol and Tony Feiock

Sally Firestone
David and Beth Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Beth Ingram
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
George H. Langworthy, Sr.
Loretto Foundation
Mary Anne and Steve McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Merriman
Edward P. Milbank
Sarah Nelson and Jesse Pedraza
Barbara and David Nicely
Carolyn and Bill Parkerson

Ms. Julie Phillips
Ms. CiCi Rojas
Gigi and Gary Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands
Mr. Mark Sappington and Dr. David S. McGee
Suzanne Shank
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Lisa Sirridge
Vivian and Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust
Mr. Ian Spinks and Ms. Juliette Singer
Ms. Kathy Stepp and Mr. Howard Rothwell
Greg and Barbara Storm
Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. Van Way III
Dr. Michael J. and Cindy S. Wurm
Dr. and Mrs. John Yungmeyer

Bolender Society Bronze: $2,500-$4,999

John and Anna Allen
Mr. Blair Bieser
Michael and Kirsten Byrd
Vince and Julie Clark
Suzanne C. Crandall
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng and Dr. Tom Curran
Vicki and Mark Dickerson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske
Ms. Cynthia L. Hampton

Regina and Bill Kort
Dr. and Mrs. William Kruse
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
Fred and Cindy Rock
Mr. Zachary H. Shafran
Marny and John Sherman
Marya and Kent Stallard
Aviva Ajmera and Wayne Strickland
Deb and Tom Swenson

Unified Government-Hollywood Casino of Wyandotte County
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler
Mr. Bill Weaver and Ms. Crystal O’Dea
Linda Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker
Jean-Paul Wong / PURE Workplace Solutions
Joseph and Susan Zeis

Patron: $1,000-$2,499

Mary Cade Allen
Sarah Bent and Craig Thompson
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
W. R. Brazelton
Lynne and Peter Brown
Mr. Charles E. Bruffy and Mr. Donald Loncasty
Devon Carney and Pamela Royal Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Castaldo
The DeBruce Foundation – Paul and Linda DeBruce
Michelle and William Fasel
SuEllen and Harvey Fried
Jack Gabriel and Trudy Kopf Gabriel
George and Ada Ultch Memorial Fund
Mark and Nancy Gilman
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr.
Mr. George G. Hans
Ms. Elizabeth Henry
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey
Lisa Merrill Hickok
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Kimbrough Higgins
Sharon and John Hoffman

Lesley and Peter Holt
David and Diana Ice
Ms. Jill Ingram Reynolds
Mrs. Cyndi James
Matt and Brooke Johnson
Linda and Topper Johntz
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride
Julie and Mike Kirk
Mr. Kurt A. Knapstein – Knapstein Design
Art Lafex
Molly and Brett Lane
Linda Lenza
Bill Lindsay and Jan Foletta
Ken and Nan Lippincott
Mr. Wayne E. Lippman
Patricia Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes
P. Alan McDermott
Rachel and Matt Merlo
Jacqueline and John Middelkamp
James Miller and Ursula Terrasi
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moffat
Ms. Laura Mullin
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy
Ms. Susan Marie Nelson

Ms. Jesica A. Neuhart
Mrs. Monica S Nichols
Tempe Ostergren and Andrew Elsberry
Dr. Donna Pacicca and Mr. Dominic CeCicco
Eastin Pecota
W. Keith and Margaret Pence
Timothy W. Peters and Joyce E. Brown
Mr. Randall N. Pick
Drs. Charles and Susan Porter
Connie and David Ross
Elizabeth and Charles Schellhorn
Anastasie and Max Schlesinger
Mrs. Vera Seeley
J. Michael Sigler
Mrs. Sunday Siragusa
Pam and Gary Smedile
Sharon and Thomas Soetaert
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker
Suhor Family Foundation
Karen Toughey
Mrs. Katherine L. Trum
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Whiteman
Mr. Jeff Whitman
Mrs. Christina Wiksell
Darlus M. Wolff
Andy Zaborny and Karyn
Clewes Zaborny
Ms. Miriam Zavagnin
Sophia C. Zetmeir

Principal: $500-$999

Mr. Roger Arwood and Ms. Marcelle Cooper
Ms. Nell M Blatherwick
Virginia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carpenter
Steven S. Conway
Mr. James E. Crawford
Curt Crespino
Ms. Rochelle Diederich
Barbara Dodson
Dr. David Donovan
Sileen Dowis
Dr. and Mrs. George Edwards
Mrs. Rebecca Ehrich
Amy and David Embry
Mrs. Ruth Finet Rinehart
Mr. Travis Fischer and Mr. Scott Heffley
Ms. Melissa Ford
Mr. and Mrs. David Glibbery
Mr. Kurt W. Gugler

Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Craig and Gina Harrison
Ihab Hassan
Charles and Betty Hulse
William and Margo Humenczuk
Mike Jackson
Christina and Chris Johnson
Mrs. Jennifer A. Kaiser
Katarina Krek
Ms. Deborah Krouse
Mr. George Malter and Ms. Julia Kim-Malter
Mr. and Mrs. Juergen Massey
Ms. Kathryn McAdams
Jill and Sean McCarthy
Dr. Veronika McDonald
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
Troy and Angela Moore

Merle Moores
Mrs. Jeri Murphy
Mrs. Barbara Nelson
Ronald Newton
Debby and Catherine Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
Mr. James Pendleton Sr.
Stephen and Nancy Prantl
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Price
John Rufenacht Associates
Dr. Wesley J. Sandness
Mrs. Patricia Ann Scott
Craig Sole and Wayne Long
Ms. Lisa Stehno-Bittel
Ms. Charlene Thompson
Mr. Donald Ward and Ms. Rachel Williams
Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Margo Lynn Williams
Ms. Michelle Wilson
Mr. Steve Wong

Soloist: $250-$499

Ms. Leslie G. Anderson
Mr. Howard Barewin and Ms. Jennifer Neill
Ms. Barbara Bernstein
Michael & Carole Blankowski
Ms. Sharon Carder-Jackson
Ms. Ruth Dickinson and Mr. Russell Fries
Carol Ducak
Mrs. Joni Etherington
Ms. Beverly Lynn Evans
Laurie and Rick Frawley
Harold and Vicki James
Mollie Keeler James, in loving memory of Lois and Elisha Keeler

Mr. Alex Keiffer
Ms. Paula Klasek
Ms. Kristina L. Klug
Dana M Koehn
Thomas and Joyce Lohmeyer
Ms. Jennifer Manka
Mrs. Charles L. Marcotte
Ms. Doreen Maronde
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mayhew
Ms. Brenda Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Myers
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Parelman
Ms. Jacqueline Perlman

Ms. Sharon Potts
Carolyn Price and Lou Ferro
Ms. Frances Pugh
Ms. Connie L. Riley
Kathy and Donald Schilling
Mrs. Betty C Scott
Mr. Larry Smith
Stephen and Mary Stringer
Dr. Rana Tenorio
Robert and Sandra Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Del Walls
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Watson
David and Rita Wristen

Corps de Ballet: $100-$249

AmazonSmile Foundation
Ms. MaryAnn Ballard
Ms. Glenda Barnhart
Ms. Theresa R. Becker
Anne and Donald Belinger
Mr. Steven Bergstrom
Terry Blattel
Bruce and Linda Bradley
Jane M. Bruening
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buckman
Ms. Eloise Yvonne Carter
Chris and Kim Clair, in memory of Judith Jasco
Mr. Randall D. Clark and Dr. Tom Maddox
Ms. Lindsay Clipner
Mrs. Lucy Coulson
Emily Csik
Ms. Julie Devader
Jeffrey O. Ellis
Mr. Mauricio Espinosa
Ms. Virginia Fisher
Chris and Latisha Gahagan
Dale and Linda Gallaway

Jeff and Carla Girkin
Jeanne Goslin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagen
Mrs. Kelly D. Handschin
The Harken Law Firm, LLC
Phyllis Hart
Whitney and Patrick Hosty
Tracy Ingle
Ms. Carol Anne Jones
Ms. Christine Jordan
Ron and Alison Jump
Laura Kahl
Mr. Richard Katz and Mrs. Martha J. Katz
Drs. John D. and Ann M. Kenney
Mr. Patrick Kline
Mrs. Julia Kyle
Ms. Kathleen Lally-Arena
Ms. Denise K. Lambert
Ms. Lisa A. Leonard
Ms. Cindy Lowe
Mr. Andrew C. Mann
Mr. Buster McCall
Drs. Barbara and Andy McCanse
Dr. and Mrs. David D. McIntire
Dr. Debbie McQueeney
Ms. Stephanie Meiner, in memory of Mrs. Victoria Bush
Ms. Sharon Milligan
Andrea Morris
Nancy L. Murdock, Ph.D.
Dr. John A. Negrych
Ms. Florence Pack
Brian Paxton
Mr. Andrew Pence and Ms. Megan Turner

Elinore Penner
Mr. John F. Pires
Barbara S. and Thomas M. Prater
Mr. Carl Walker Prioleau
Ms. Nelda Pypes
Mrs. Jolene Mason Reynolds
Mr. David Riley
Mr. David L. Roberts
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel G. Robertson
Ms. Kathy C Schadle
Dr. Richard Schupp
Danielle Simons
Ms. Kim J. Smith
Ms. Elisa P. Spencer
Melissa Steed
Terri Steenson
Mr. Adam Stoos
Ms. Samantha Marie Tien
Angie and Hadley Warwick
Dr. and Mrs. Richard E. Whitehead
Marissa Wickam
Mrs. Mireya Wirtz
Mr. John R. Wise
Ms. Marva and Mr. Ronald York

Friend: $1-$99

Mary Aguirre
Eric Babb
Mr. and Mrs. James Balsamo
Staci Bradford
Ms. Sarah Bremer
Ms. Kathleen D. Brock
Jim Calvert
Mrs. Theresa Cheatham
Ms. Lili Chen
Ms. Amber Cleveland
Mrs. Connie Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. William Conaway
Jennifer Owen and Brad Cox
Lauren Brooke Crowley
Mr. Richard H. Cull
Mr. Neil Darling and Ms. Christina Hager
Mrs. Lori Davila
Ms. Connie Davis
Cassandra J. Dickerson
Ms. Mary Lynne Kathryn Dolembo
Ms. Kathleen Draskovich
Joseph and Ann Erskine
Ashly Frenzl

Debbie Geraghty
Ms. Amanda Gray
Ms. Jill Grotzinger
Mrs. Deb Hartje
Craig A. Haugsness
Ms. Lisa Rene Hays
Craig and Patty Hemphill
Ryan E. Hintz
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan
Ms. Holly Hughes
Rehnee Elise Jacobs
Lana Jo
Adrienne Johnson
Ms. Helen Kiefer
Dylan King
Elizabeth Kowalski
Maureen Lacasse
Peg LaMourie
Ms. Courtney Landy
Ms. Joanna L. Laney
Ms. Bernadette Lee
Ms. Janet Lewis
Ms. Diana S. Martinez
Rebecca McKibben
Ms. Pat Meads
Mr. Brent Never and Ms. Erica Clinton

Lynne and Erik Nye
Mr. Alex Ogan
Mr. Bruce Owings
Mr. Nicholas Pallo
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Perna
Mr. David R. Porter
Lindsey Powers
Mr. Travis Price
Ms. Hilary Robertson
Ms. Susan L. Robinson
Ms. Bridget Romero
Ms. Jeanne Sharkey
Andrea Shaw
Mr. Robert Short
Edward Sien
Michaela Soyland
Ms. Gaile Stephens
Ms. Mary Stephenson
Mr. Stefan Stroebel
Ms. Colleen Sullivan Russo
Ms. Marie Taylor
Ms. Stephanie J Terrell
Mark Jay Trider
Mr. Taran Tucker
Dr. Marko I. Vuskovic
Ms. Candice Warzecha
Ms. Diedre Williams
Mrs. Jeannine Ann Winkle
Jessica Winston
Ms. Suzanne H. Wood
Ms. Melody K. Woolsey
Mr. Brent Young