Meet Supporters Like You

Great dance is a gift of joy!

Many thanks to the following individuals and charitable foundations for their annual and event support from October 1, 2018 – January 21, 2020.

* – Nutcracker Ball, Sugar Plum Fairy Children’s Ball, or BARRE KC Soiree Contributor

The Bolender Society

Your gift may qualify you to join the Bolender Society, the Ballet’s premiere philanthropic support group. Bolender Society members experience exclusive guest artist lectures, trips and excursions to dance events and meet company dancers at special social gatherings.

The Bolender Society

Membership and Donor Involvement

Leadership Level ($100,000+)

Hall Family Foundation
Kansas City Ballet Guild

Julia Irene Kauffman *
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation *

Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation

Diamond Patron ($50,000 – $99,999)

Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger *
Estelle S. and Robert A Long Ellis Foundation
The Francis Family Foundation / Scott Francis

Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson *
Missouri Arts Council
Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Commerce Bank, Trustee *

The Shubert Foundation
William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Platinum Patron ($25,000 – $49,999)

Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer
Louis & Elizabeth Nave
Flarsheim Charitable Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

The Sunderland Foundation

William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank Trustee

Gold Patron ($10,000 – $24,999)

Arvin T. Gottlieb Charitable Foundation, UMB Bank, N.A., trustee
Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Mr. Bradley Clarke *, in honor of Dr. Jane Ann Clarke
Dance/USA, with the support of the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry *
Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg *
Ms. Joan Horan *
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Illig *

J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Dr. Richard Jensen and Ms. Gay Dannelly *
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Kao Family Foundation *
Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins, The Lighton Fund
Dennis and Susan Lordi Marker
Master Craftsmen Foundation
Missouri Cultural Trust
National Endowment for the Arts

Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
George and Wendy Powell Fund of The Kuehn Foundation
R and C Charitable Foundation
R.C. Kemper Charitable Trust and Foundation
Bill and Ginny Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Shoare
Sosland Foundation
The Thomas and Sally Wood Family Foundation
Sarah Ye

Silver Patron ($5,000 – $9,999)

Lillard and DeVette Ashley *
Bruce and Vicki Baxter *
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beal *
Joe and Claire Brand *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bray
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb *
Karen and Steven Clegg
Curry Family Foundation
Dickinson Family Foundation *
Cathy and Steve Doyal

Joseph and Diana Eisenach
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation *
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frost
Marilyn A.W. Gaar *
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr. *
Ingram Family Foundation
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
Sarah Nelson and Jesse Pedraza
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
Sarah M. Porter

R.A. Long Foundation
Ms. Kathy Stepp and Mr. Howard Rothwell *
Paula and Jack Rowe
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Sirridge *
Kay and Gary Smith *
Greg and Barbara Storm *
Unified Government- Hollywood Casino of Wyandotte County
Vivian and Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust
John and Angela Walker *
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker *
Annie and Rick Zander

Bronze Patron ($2,500 – $4,999)

Chris Ahrens
Aviva Ajmera and Wayne Strickland
John and Anna Allen *
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry F. Anderson Jr *
Andrews Family Foundation
Anonymous (2)
Larry & Angela Bedell
Jeffrey J. Bentley *
Rita Blitt
Mrs. Janis Brewster
Lynne and Peter Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Burke
Michael and Kirsten Byrd
Dr. Robert Claassen
Julie and Vince Clark *
Robert J. Cody
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng and Dr. Tom Curran
Bill and Jo Anne Dondlinger *
Mr. and Mrs. Randy H. Downing *
Terrence and Peggy Dunn *
Carol and Tony Feiock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske *
Mr. Kevin Fortin
J. Scott Francis *
Innes and John Hale
Mr. and Mrs. David Harris *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haverty, Sr.

David H. Hughes, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hunkeler
Beth Ingram *
Brook and Matt Johnson *
Stratus Group LLC-
Peggy and Courtney Jones
Charles S. Joss, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride
Regina and Bill Kort *
Mr. Grant C. Lamascus and Miss Mimielle
Marek Montoya
Ms. Cynthia Mahoney
Colette and James Majerle
Ms. Barbara Marmor
Mike Breedlove Memorial Fund
Edward P. Milbank *
Miller-Mellor Association
Ms. Sherrill Mulhern
Jeff and Tracy Musolf *
Barbara Clarke Nash
Barbara and David Nicely *
Mrs. Crystal O’Dea
Bill and Carolyn Parkerson *
Ms. Margot Patterson
Kathy and Michael Rainen
Fred and Cindy Rock

Matthew and Heather Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands *
G. Mark Sappington and David S. McGee, D.C.
Mark and Janice Schonwetter
Mr. Zachary H. Shafran
Marny and John Sherman
Suzanne Shank and Martin Smoler *
Mr. Ian Spinks and Ms. Juliette Singer *
Marya and Kent Stallard
Ann and Frank Taylor
Father Paul Turner
Dr. Angela Valadez and Mr. Patrick Valadez
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Van Way III *
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler *
Keith and Margie Weber Foundation
Jean-Paul Wong / PURE Workplace Solutions
Patricia Martin and Brian Woolley
Dr. Michael J. and Cindy S. Wurm *
Henry Wurst, Inc. / Margaret Wurst
Dr. and Mrs. John Yungmeyer *

Patron ($1,500 – $2,499)

Mary Cade Allen
John and Stephanie Beeder
Cathy Bennett and Mike McGuire
Mr. Blair Bieser
Building Hope for Autism Foundation
Devon Carney and Pamela Royal Carney *
Copaken Family Fund
Suzanne C. Crandall
April and Michael Crosser
Patricia and Don Dagenais
Marvie and Mark Dirks
First Hand Family Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Troy Fitzgerald *
Ellen R. and John R. Goheen
Mr. George G. Hans
Elizabeth and Jeff Hargroves
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey *
David Justin and Grace Holmes
Mr. Richard Katz and Mrs. Martha J. Katz
Ms. Christine Fisher *
Linda Lenza
Mr. Wayne E. Lippman
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
P. Alan McDermott *
Mary Anne and Steve McDowell

Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley *
Matt and Rachel Merlo *
Dean and Tammy Oskvig
George and Suzy Pagels
Diana and Rick Poccia
John Rufenacht Associates
Rebecca and Phil Smith
Michele and Jim Stowers
Deb and Tom Swenson
The Trudy Foundation
Linda Weber
Gregory Woodhams and Julia Gargallo

Partner ($750-$1,499)

Ms. Megan Amash *
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beal *
Joan and Bert Berkley / Blue Heron Foundation
Dr. Carol Blum *
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Borkon, in honor of Mary Lynn and Kamal Mikhail
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Brisimitzakis *
Robert and Pamela Bruce *
Ms. Cynthis Cordes
Sally and Dave Dannov
Mr. James Darville *
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Dunbar
Mr. and Mrs. James Eiszner *
Keely and Becky Ericson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fallon *
Michelle and William Fasel *
Dan Flanigan

Ms. Aubrey Gann-Redmon *
Frances and George Gerritz *
Lisa and Steven Glassman
Gayle Gotcher
Jean and Moulton Green, Jr., The Westport Fund
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr. *
Mrs. Cyndi James *
Julie and Mike Kirk
Carol and John Kornitzer
Thomas and Janice Kreamer
Molly and Brett Lane
George H. Langworthy, Sr. *
Mary Leonida *
Bill Lindsay and Jan Foletta *
Louis and Frances Swinken Supporting Foundation
Barbara Hall Marshall
Teresa and Bruce McKinney *

Lisa Merrill Hickok *
Jacqueline and John Middelkamp *
The Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Mrs. Julie Phillips
Gary and Gigi Rose *
Connie and David Ross
Mrs. Mary Lisa Sackuvich
J. Michael Sigler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Siragusa *
Sharon and Thomas Soetaert *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker *
Mrs. Katherine L. Trum *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Virden
Mark and Katherine Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang *
Kyle and Jacquie Ward *
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weilert *
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Whiteman
Ms. Iris Yen *
Andrew Zaborny and Karyn Clewes Zaborny

Principal ($500-$749)

David and Jennifer Anderson
Anonymous (2)
Mr. Roger Arwood and Ms. Marcelle Cooper *
Melinda L. Beal
Nathan Benjamin and Margaret Perkins-McGuinness
Ms. Regina Berens *
Ms. Michelle Bunch *
Mr. Ken Bush in memory of Mrs. Victoria Bush
Mr. Morrie Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Chess *
Andrew E. Colom
Craig and Jill Connell *
Christine Copeland
Mr. James E. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cusser *
Dr. Donna Pacicca and
Mr. Dominic CeCicco
John Duty, LTC Ret. and Julia Kirk, LTC Ret.
Dr. and Mrs. George Edwards *
Dr. James and Mrs. Stephanie Eppler *
Mr. and Mrs. David Fuller

Ann and Douglas Ghertner
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gill *
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Kimbrough Higgins
Humboldt Sax
Dr. Laura Huyett *
Dr. Karen M. Jordan *
Mr. Alex Keiffer
Mr. and Mrs. William Kruse *
Art and Marianne Lafex
Susan Gilmore and Barry Loughrige
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lyon
Patricia Macdonald *
Lynnly Busler Marcotte *
Ms. Leigh Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Maynard
Mark and Kandi McCasland Family Charitable Fund *
Dr. Rory McCorkle *
Ms. Jennifer C. McQueen
Wendy and Patrick Melland *

Katherine A. Miller
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Moffat *
Mr. Sherman Pitts, Jr. and Dr. Olevia Pitts
David and Becky Quinn *
Drew and Jennifer Quinn *
Mr. Hal Douglas Quinn
Ms. Cici Rojas
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Elizabeth and Charles Schellhorn
Debbie and Tom Sherrer
Kathryn and Robert Smith *
Diane Snyder *
Mr. Michael Taylor and Ms. Molly Malone *
Dr. Rana Tenorio
Ms. Marcia Townsend *
Ms. Sarah Tsai *
Austyn Walter *
Mr. Matthew Weidner and Ms. Catherine Bourne *
Mrs. Pam Welker *

Soloist ($250 – $499)

Mr. David W. Anderson *
Sue Arnold *
Andrew and Molly Ash
Mr. Fancisco Barajas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bell
Ms. Lauri Bledsoe
Ilyssa Block
Megan Bubb *
Ms. Norma Butler
Jim Calvert
Ms. Sharla Cerra
Ms. Helen Chen
Ms. Marilyn Christopher
Bonita Cook *
Jonathan Cook
Dr. Patricia Cox
Mr. Curtis Cradic
Amanda Davis *
M. A. Deen
Julie DeGrandpre *
Ms. Rochelle Diederich *
Ms. Dinah Dosdos
Mrs. Carmen Elston *
Wendy Wheeler Erickson *
Rosita Esenberg *
Mrs. Joni Etherington *
Ms. Mary Feffer
Jay and Amy Felton *
Annie Flurry *
Ms. Melissa Ford *
Ms. Suzanne Alison Fox *
Ms. Andrea Generaux *
Mads and Tamara Gisselbaek
Mr. Christopher D. Goodwin *
Edith and Keith Grafing
Michael and Kyle Rivenburh, in memory of Deena Lynn Budd-Haws
Ms. Dale Ann Gray *
Mr. Anthony Guzzo
Mrs. Shirley A. Hall *
Ms. Laurie J. Hamilton
Ms. Kathleen Hammons *
The Harken Law Firm, LLC
Ms. Emily Harrold
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hartner *

Ms. Bonnie Haupt *
George Helmkamp
Mrs. Nancy Stiver Herring *
Mrs. Anna Hockey
Ms. Jena Howerton
Ms. Angela Hudson *
David and Diana Ice
Marco and Sheila Ilardi
Ms. Jalilah Jackson
Ms. Aniika Jackson-Smith *
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jacques
Frank and Allison Jaska *
Mollie Keeler James in loving memory of Lois and Elisha Keeler
Christina and Chris Johnson
Linda and Topper Johntz
The Kansas City Rose Society
Ms. Sandra Lee Karr *
Ms. Kelsie Kelly
Mr. Ricardo A. Kolster *
Mrs. Nicole Laplante *
Ms. Christina Lee *
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Lilja *
Ms. Julie Lintecum *
Ms. Amanda Loflin
Richard and Barbara MacArthur
Ms. Marcia Machens
Ms. Mary Malabanan *
Dr. Gurneet Matharoo *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes
Ms. Donna Mathews
Dr. Kimberly W. Megow
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mellott *
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. William Migneron, Jr
Mr. and Mrs. Mirakian *
Ms. Heidi Mueller *
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy

Mrs. Jeri Murphy *
Ms. Alana Neale
Mr. and Mrs. George V. Neill Jr
Marcy Nelson
Ms. Erin Opfer *
Ms. Dawn Papineau *
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Parelman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
Mrs. Angella Pearce *
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pearson
Eastin Pecota
Mr. Steve Peppes
Timothy W. Peters and
Joyce E. Brown
Ms. Penny Jo Postoak Ferguson
Ms. Cristan Rayl *
Ms. Courtney J. Roberts *
Mr. Robert Robertson *
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Schneider *
Mrs. Elizabeth Book Seiler *
Jere and Veronica Sellers
Casey Shawhan *
Ms. Vicki Short *
Mr. Clarence E. Simmons, Jr.
Ms. Pamela Smart *
Mareta J. Smith
Philip and Carol Smith *
Mr. Gary Stevens
Stephanie and Greg Stollsteimer
Pamela and Terrence Sullivan
Ms. Diane Teal
Mrs. Mary Thomas
Ms. Charlene Thompson
Sarah Bent and Craig Thompson
Robert and Sandra Thompson
Mark and Sharon Tompkins
Ms. Angie Diamond *
Ms. Anne Walton *
Dr. Bradley and Barbara Warady
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wheeler *
Ms. Rosa Wilson *
Matthew and Amy Wintersheid *
Sara Bower Youngblood *
Ms. Miriam Zavagnin *
Ms. Melanie Zimmer

Corps de Ballet ($100 – $249)

Ms. Leslie Aguirre
Mrs. Carolyn Anch *
Mr. and Mrs. Judd Annis *
Ms. Caitlin Ashworth *
Ms. Maria Bach
Courtney Backman
Bruce and Jennifer Balke
Ms. Lynn Banks
Deborah Barker
Mr. Brian Barton
Ms. Mary H. Bassett
Dr. Sol and Mickey Batnitzky
Ms. Theresa R. Becker
Kathy and Mark Berger
Mark and Renee Bernhardt
John and Cheryl Bester
Ms. Sharon Betzelberger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Bodle
Bruce and Linda Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Brazil *
Ms. Carrie Breitnestein *
Ms. Ann Britt *
Jeff and Muriel Brock
Ms. Judith Brougham
David and Marissa Brown *
Mr. Michael Brown
Bruce Hopkins and Bonnie Buchele
Mrs. Lauri Buckman
Tina Budzinski
Ms. Micaela Burke *
Dr. Jay and Morgan Burlingame
Teresa Busby *
Jillian Leigh Bush
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Butler
Sharon Butts *
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carpenter
Dr. Mark Carr
Jeff Chen
Huai-Hsi Chia and Daphne Lin
Chris and Kim Clair, in memory of Judith Jasco
Mrs. Rhonda C. Clapp *
Mrs. Connie Cleveland
Dr. Lindsey K. Colburn-Malousek *
Ms. Deidre Conley
Steven S. Conway
Ms. Sheri V. Copeland
Betty Ann Courtelyou
Julia and Jonathan Craig
Daniel W. Cunningham
Ms. Sarah Dahlhauser
Dusty and Teresa Dahmer
Ms. Elaine Dalgleish
Mr. Joel Daly *
“a. Ms. Marjorie Daly, in honor of Mary Beth Daly”
Ms. Andie Davidson
The Dawson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeVenuta
Sara Douglas
Dan Dubrava
Lauren Wright – Lauren’s Limited Editions
Dr. David Eisenhauer
Stephen Elias
Victoria Erickson
Ms. Hannah Fenley
Mr. and Mrs. Chainy Folsom
Sarah Foltz
Sarah Fowler
Laurie and Rick Frawley
Melissa Gabbert *
Dr. Alfredo Garcia
Ms. Astra Garner *
Dr. Tanya Gibson *
Penny and Dan Glass
Jacquelyn Golden
Ms. Emma Good
Ms. Kathleen C. Gorman
Dr. Tatiana N. Graham
Ms. Stacey Graybeal
Mark W. Green
Greg Greenberg, Stifel
Raymond W. Grieshaber
Ms. Dora Grote
Ms. Anita Toby Grow
Mr. Kurt W. Gugler
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagen
Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Barbara Schepers and Garry Hanna
Renee and Charles Haren III *
Phyllis Hart
Karen and Judy Haynes
Steven Heflin and Candace Evans

Criag and Patty Hemphill
Ms. Elizabeth Henry
Samantha Herdman
Glenna Osborn and John Herigon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
Ms. Lena Hogan
Ms. Bri Hopkins
René Horne
Whitney and Patrick Hosty *
Elizabeth Patterson Hughes
William and Margo Humenczuk
Carol and Mark Hunt
Adam and Celia Ingle
Sarah Ingram-Eiser
Mrs. Judy Jackson
Ms. Kathy Jo Jackson
Mr. Mark Jeffords
Colby and Barbara Jones *
Ms. Bonnie Jones
Mr. Burton Justice
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kahn
Michael Kaye and Susana Valdovinos
Charlotte Kemper
Cheri and John Kendrick
Maureen A. Kennedy
Drs. John D. and Ann M. Kenney
Mr. Charles S. Killgore
Ms. Paula Klasek
Andrea and Thomas Klingner
Kim Knape
Ms. Laura Lake
Scott and Aubrey Langford *
Kathy B. Laursen
Ms. Nan Lippincott
Thomas and Joyce Lohmeyer
Matt and Katie Lord
Sharon M. Lundy
Gerald and Maria Magliano
Ms. Francie Mayer *
Ms. Julia McGinnis *
Mr. Larry McMullen
Ms. Lindsay Meyer and Mr. Corey A. Brunk
Ms. Catherine Middleton *
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller
Ms. Emerald Miller *
Kerry and Robert Miller
Ms. Nina Morales *
Ms. Joanne S. Morgan
Andrea Morris
Dr. Harold Morris and Dr. Melinda Estes
Justin and Kristin Moshier
Dr. Susan Mou and Dr. Frank Slovick
Ms. Kelly L. Muehlberger *
Ms. Laura Mullin
Nancy L. Murdock
Mrs. Virginia Jennings Nadeau
Phyllis Naragon
Mrs. Charlotte D. Nauss
Victoria Newman
Miller and Jeannette Nichols Foundation
Barry and Margaret Nickell
Dr. Don and Donna Nielson
Mrs. Debrah Nieman *
Fielding and Janice Norton
Jan and Dean Nowowiejski
Dr. Lauren E. Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Onka
Linda and Cole Osborn
Jo Beth Paradis and Bill Steeb
Sherri Parker *
Ms. Samantha Pembridge *
Elinore Penner
Kathy Peters
Ms. Marilyn Peterson *

Mr. Vince Pianalto
Mr. Marshall Pick
Kate and Allen Pickert
Jim and Nancy Poplinger
Barbara S. and Thomas M. Prater
Ms. Frances Pugh
Megan Quick
Ms. Janelle Quinlan
Ms. Sarah Raffurty
Mr. Richard Rhyne
Ms. Connie L. Riley
Dr. Timothy A. Roberts
Mr. Larry L. Rohovit
Madeline Rohrer
Charlotte and Bob Ronan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruehle
Dr. Philip Rumbaoa
Dr. and Mrs. George Saleh
Ms. Megan Sanders
Michaelette Sanders *
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scheetz
Anastasia and Max Schlesinger
Mrs. Rebecca Schmiedling *
Dr. Richard Schupp
Janet Schwenke
Brian and Kimberly Scott
Msr. Vera Seeley
Ms. Penny Shand and Marissa Lyons
Kite Singleton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Ms. Vicki Lynn Smith
Ms. Marsha Smitherman
Craig Sole and Wayne Long
Ms. Sarah Sosland *
Diana Wille and Fred Spears
Stanley L. & Geraldine Goldberg Family Fund
Mr. Matt Sterling and Mrs. Lauren Thompson
Jill Stoppel-Davis
Kristopher Swearingen
Ms. Elisa Thayer *
Kurtis L. Thiel
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Thompson
Ms. Kristen Thorpe
Marcia and Dennis Tighe
Karen Toughey
Deb Turpin
United Way of Greater Kansas City
Theresa Van Baale
Margaret Vaughn
Ms. Dee Vestal *
Ms. Beth Vogel *
Mr. and Mrs. Del Walls
Madaline Walter and Lucille Windsor
Mrs. Ashley Watts
Katherine and Clyde Wendel
Mr. William Williams
Joseph A. Willis
Randy and Johanna Willis
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson
Mr. Steve Wilson, Jr.
Travis Wilson
Mr. John R. Wise
Mr. Steve Wong
Raelee Wright
David and Rita Wristen
Laura Yates *
Ms. Marva York
Ms. Colleen Ziph *

Friend ($1 – $99)

Mr. Gregory L. Allen
Ms. Sue Allen
Ms. Breonna Amis
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson
Ms. Heather Aronoff
Heidi Atlas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Badgett
Ms. Mary C. Ballard
James Balsamo
Austin Baragary
C. Bruce and Emilia Barksdale
Ms. Whitney Bartelli
Mr. Thomas H. Baurain
Mr. R. Scott Bayles
Anne and Donald Belinger
Ms. Laura L. Biesemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Denton Bishop
Carolyn Black *
Michael Blankowski
Ms. Laura Bock
Ms. Kristin M. Bone
Steffee Bowden
Tim and Julie Brake
Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt
Ms. Samantha L. Branson
Ms. Sarah Bremer
Amanda Briggs
Robbie Bristow
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brown
Dr. Aime Broyles
Ms. Ariel Buback
Ms. Clarissa Busch
Scott and Amy Cameron
Mr. Timothy TV Cao
Laura Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Carrier
Ms. Mary Carrier
Mr. John Carter and Ms. Cynthia Essmyer
Ms. Laura Cashmore
Ms. Megan Cates
Ruth Chimenti
Ms. Chandra R. Clark
Diane Clark
Katharine Clark
Krista Clements
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Cloud
Kathy and Bill Coenen
Ms. Deanne Coffelt
Ms. Lyn Coleman
Ms. Jane Colonno
Dr. Shawna M. Cordon
Mr. and Mrs. Jame Cosentino
Andrea Cox
Dr. Ryan S. Cox
Nate and Carissa Crocker
Ms. Molly Cromer
Jyma Culbertson
Mr. Richard H. Cull
Ms. Connie Davidson
Dave Dececco
Leanne King Devitt *, in honor of Peggy Hall Beal
Ms. Laura Brown Doan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Donahue II
Judy Donnelly
Ms. Christiane Campbell Donner
Ms. Shelly Doucet
Mr. and Mrs. David Driskill
Ms. Shelby Drury
Carol Ducak
Dr. Mary Hendricks Duff
Mary and Michael Duff
Valerie Dunaway
Diane K. Dunford
Mr. and Mrs. Seth Dunham
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Dunker
Ms. Brianne Durham
Hannah Dussold
Mrs. Rebecca Ehrich
Mrs. Kathy R. Eisenbeis
Danelle and Keelin Engel
Ryan and Cara Engels
Rex and Shirley English
Ms. Sharon Euler
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Ewan
Mrs. Sandra Fahlstrom
Ms. Kimberly Feathers
Brenda Fernandez
Charlotte Folsom, in honor of Robert Underwood
Ms. Susan Fosha Grimes *
Stephanie Freeman
SuEllen and Harvey Fried

Mr. Alex Frogge
Dr. Katie Gaches
Dale and Linda Gallaway
Ms. Sandra Garcia
Jeff and Carla Girkin
Ms. Sarah Gockley
Daniella Gonzalez
Ms. Margaret C. Gordon
Julia and Noah Greene
Dr. Leana Guerin
Ms. Brenda Hafner
Ms. Jennfier Hair
Ms. Rachael Hamilton
Darin Hanzlick
Ms. Gary Harbison
Jonathan Hargett
Ms. Angela Hart
Mrs. Phyllis Hartwig
Ms. Lisa Rene Hays
Ms. Dondi Henak
Ms. Kelly Herdlick
Mr. Harlan Higginbotham
Mrs. Marilyn D. Hlavacek
Alex and Laura Hobbs *
Dr. Diana Hoelscher
Ms. Janene Hofbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Jonaathan Hoffman
Charles and Betty Hulse
Ms. Rachelle Hyder
Mr. Jeff Jacobs
Rita Jacobsmeyer
Mrs. Lisa James
Jayhawk Elementary
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jensen
Adrienne Johnson
Ms. Mary Gilles Johnson
Mrs. Ann Jones
Roberta Jones
Ms. Mary Beth Jungk
Kathy Kalin
Ms. Collette Kaster
Mr. Terrence Katzer
Donna Kelly
Ms. Connie B. Kennedy
Ms. Laura Alexandra Kennedy
Mr. Brent E. Kimmi
Mrs. Stacee Kimmi
Ms. Marie F. Kocher
Jennifer Koehn
Mrs. Barbara Kolom
Marcella Kostos
Rishith Kothapalli
Alicia Kramme
Dr. Christian Kreipke
Ms. Deborah Krouse
Levi Kuhn
Ms. Shelby Kuykendall
Lisa Lablanc-Willis
John Laney
Ms. Angie Laurie
Mr. E. Adrian Law
Ms. Alyson Laws
Mr. Lucas Lenahan
Mr. Richard P. Leppert
Hannah Litwiller
Mr. Dylan Long
Mr. Samuel Loring
Ms. Mary M. Luber
Ms. Jann W. Lucas
Ms. Katherine Lynch, in memory of Myldred Lyons
Marissa Lyons
Kelly K. Maier
Sarah Mariani
Mr. David Martin
Hon. and Mrs. Patrick McAnany
Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCarthy
Hailey McDaniel
Ms. Rebecca McElduff
Nancy McEntee
Simon McGee and Anne Gagel
Ms. Judy M. McNeal
Mr. Mark E. McNeal Jr.
Ms. Stephanie Meiner, in memory of Mrs. Victoria Bush
Mr. Shawn Merriman
Mr. Scott Middleton
Ms. Amanda Miles
Joan S. Miller
Dana Mollohan
Ms. Susan Monk
Mr. Jack Moodie
Mr. Charles Moore
Dr. William P. Moore
Emily Morris
Mr. James Moseman
Ms. Laura Muckerman
Mr. Adam Muncy
Ms. Bailey Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Myers

Anonymous – Network for Good
Eric and Kristin Neuhauser
Ms. Joann Osorio
Dr. Ashley Noble-Amerson
Lynne and Erik Nye
Ms. Mary G. O’Donnell
Mr. Nkem Ohia
Dr. Jennifer Orton
Betsy and Geoff Parker
Ms. Madeleine Pasco
Ms. Ashley Penland
Ms. Chris Perrin
John C. and Kathy M. Perryman
Margaret Peterson
Mrs. Marilyn Peterson, in honor of Peggy Hall Beal *
Judy Pfannenstiel and David Waxse
Mr. Randall N. Pick
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Pitsenberger
Stephen and Nancy Prantl
Katja Preuer
Timothy and Laurie Price
Mr. Baker Purdon
Mrs. Sheri Raine
Ms. Megan Rau
Bobbi Ray
Ms. Ann Reed and Ms. Nikki Browning
Ms. Beverly Rehkop
Mr. Jon Reynolds
Margaret Roberts
Rachael Robey
Ms. Susan L. Robinson
Mary Rodriguez
Ms. Kindle Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenberger
TL Rush
Mr. Cole Sales
Christine Salyer
Ms. Rachel Sanner
Ms. Beverly Sawyer
Ms. Agnes Schaferkreiser
Kathy and Donald Schilling
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Schwartz
Mr. Kyle Seifert
Ali Self
Mrs. Susan Sengstacken
Ms. Sheila Shanker
Stacey Sharpe
Jennifer and Greg Sherwood
Mr. Mike Shields
Mrs. Lori Shumigalski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Simmons
Danielle Simons
Ms. Chrystal Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Kelly Smith
Rebecca Smith
Ms. Sandra A. Smith
Ms. Halie Smith-Griffin
Megan Spilker
John Springer
Mr. Kyle Stearns
Melissa Steed
Dr. and Mrs. James Steffen
Ms. Joyce Steinbuch
Ms. Ann Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stephenson
Mr. Gary Stevens
Marsha and Richard Stiefel
Ms. Loxie K. Stock
Dean Stransky
Paul and Randi Struxness
Ms. Caitlin Summerlin
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Sundeen
Douglas Surber
John and Dana Sutton
Mr. Steven Swaney
David and Meg Swant
Ms. Sonya Thomas
Mr. Joshua Thompson
Thomas and Nancy Thornhill
Ms. Kelley P. Thrasher
Ms. Sherry Toomey
Mrs. Amy Trettel
Christine Uhrmacher
Angela VanBiber
Mrs. Heidi L. Velardi
Robert Walls II
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Watson
John Wright and Kathryn Welch
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wells
Mr. Matthew Wells
Mr. David Wheaton
Cecilia and Connie White
Ms. Pamela White
Thomas White
Brian V. Williams
Kristin Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson
Ms. Laura Winsor
Mrs. Jessica Winston
Mr. Ron Wisdom
Mr. Wayne Zetzman
Dr. Judith Zivanovic