2020-21 Dancer Profile Zachary Boresow

2020-21 Dancer Profile: Zachary Boresow

Zachary Boresow joined Kansas City Ballet as an apprentice with the company for the 2019-2020 Season. In some ways, it was a homecoming. Zachary was a former Kansas City Ballet School student and member of Kansas City Youth Ballet. More than that, his mother, Alecia Good Boresow,…

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Lisa Merrill Hickok: Archiving a Life of Meaning

If you’ve met Lisa Merrill Hickok, you pick up on her drive to do things and to do them well. Her family also instilled in her a responsibility to give back to her community. Few things drive her to give back like the Kansas City Ballet. Lisa barely knew a life that didn…

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Flo Klenklen Found Inspiration

When Flora Hall was growing up in Rolla, Missouri, she had a wild idea to dance. She knew there weren’t many opportunities in her small town, so she would go to St. Louis or Chicago to attend summer dance programs. It was in one of those dance studios that she found a library o…

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