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DANCEFIX: The Ultimate Cardio Dance Workout for All

When Heather Britt, a professional dancer and choreographer, envisioned a dance class that would allow people to let go and enjoy the music while benefiting from a full-body workout, DANCEFIX was born. DANCEFIX combines cardio, choreography, and community to create an all-in-one dance workout class.

In 2014, Heather introduced DANCEFIX in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. The program features high-energy dance classes with 10 different choreographies set to 10 songs, gradually increasing in cardio intensity over the course of an hour. Fast forward almost a decade, and DANCEFIX has expanded to Blue Ash, Ohio, Nashville, Tennessee, and now Kansas City, Missouri!

“DANCEFIX is where all these elements come together,” Heather explains. “Our dance workout classes offer artistically interesting, diverse, and challenging choreography in a welcoming space, catering to those with or without dance experience.”

The Perfect Combo

DANCEFIX attendees on KC Dance Day 2023. Photo by Beeh Becvar.

Heather and her team of HBDC (Heather Britt DANCEFIX Class) instructors encourage students to try new things, take risks, and express themselves while staying engaged and challenged. Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a complete novice, DANCEFIX provides a supportive and encouraging environment. Initially, the choreography might be challenging, but it’s designed to remain inspiring and engaging over time.

Heather recommends positioning yourself towards the middle of the room, close to the side, and focusing on mastering the movement direction first. As you progress, add the footwork and then the arms. With consistent attendance (ideally, three times a week when starting), your muscle memory will kick in. The class features 10 choreographed dances, and every two weeks, a new one replaces an old one.

“As you attend regularly, you’ll infuse your style into the ten familiar dances while continuously learning something new. It usually takes 5-6 classes to feel like you’ve mastered all the moves, so in the meantime, have fun and enjoy the process!” Heather advises.

Don’t forget to bring a mat and a water bottle. Most students wear athletic sneakers, although some prefer dancing barefoot or in jazz shoes or dance sneakers.

Soundtrack for Success

To get into the groove, check out the DANCEFIX Kansas City playlist. It’s the perfect way to prepare for an exhilarating dance workout.

“Our mission at DANCEFIX is to promote health, happiness, and self-connection through dance,” Heather emphasizes. “Our students also have the opportunity to participate in flash mobs and community performances, supporting arts, culture, and social causes throughout the city.”

DANCEFIX has brought together people who might not have crossed paths otherwise.

“Picture a doctor dancing next to a student, dancing next to a CEO, all connected through the love of dance,” Heather says.

Breaking Borders

Heather’s goal has always been to introduce as many people as possible to dance and DANCEFIX. Her partnerships with Cincinnati Ballet, Nashville Ballet, and now Kansas City Ballet have proven to be a perfect match, as DANCEFIX’s choreography complements their artistic visions and attracts new students to ballet offerings.

On a Saturday morning, across all cities, over 300 students dance in DANCEFIX simultaneously.

“I am thrilled to offer DANCEFIX classes at Kansas City Ballet! The welcoming environment here is perfect for DANCEFIX to thrive,” Heather says.

Heather has previously collaborated with Devon Carney at Cincinnati Ballet and even choreographed for some of the current KCB dancers.

“KCB is one big family! I look forward to expanding our classes at both ballet locations with the help of our two DANCEFIX KC instructors, Christina and Troy. We plan to involve our students in our first community performance this winter!” Heather reveals.

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