March 21-30, 2025

Don Quixote

Wildly entertaining. The shortest two hours I ever experienced while sitting.

- Salt Lake Tribune

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Don Quixote Highlights (Courtesy of Tulsa Ballet)

The Story Of Don Quixote

“Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes is a classic novel that follows the adventures of an aging nobleman, Alonso Quixano, who becomes so immersed in reading chivalric romances that he loses his sanity and decides to become a knight-errant named Don Quixote. Accompanied by his loyal squire, Sancho Panza, Quixote embarks on a series of absurd and comical adventures, mistaking windmills for giants and common inns for castles.

As the story unfolds, Cervantes weaves a rich tapestry that explores the contrast between Quixote’s idealized fantasies and the harsh reality around him. The novel is a satirical commentary on the nature of literature, the power of imagination, and the blurred line between sanity and madness. “Don Quixote” is celebrated for its wit, humor, and profound insights into the human condition, making it a timeless masterpiece in world literature.


Pre-Curtain Talks

Free for all ticketholders, arrive early and hear about the show you are about to see. Learn how music, special effects, and costumes all make magic on stage by attending the pre-curtain talk, Belger Footnotes, hosted by Artistic Director Devon Carney.

Held at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts one hour prior to curtain. No reservation is necessary.

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