Boys on the Move

Children's 3-7

Boys on the Move - Ages 3 to 5

This class is designed to embrace the high-energy nature of boys ages 3-5 years.

Students will jump, hop, leap, gallop, slide, skip, and roll in a structured environment, giving them the necessary skills to use their energy in a creative, constructive and controlled manner. Classwork is designed to develop strength, coordination, and creative thinking. They will build shapes with their bodies and explore speed, pathways, and rhythm. Exercises that teach how to apply calm and quiet energy are also incorporated.

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Bolender Center

Wednesday 4:00 – 4:45 p.m.


Monthly Payments

8 Payments, Sep-April


Semester Payments

2 payments, Sep & Jan

$45 Registration Fee

Dress Code


  • Light pink Body Wrappers cap sleeve leotard (Style #BWP020) or KCBS ElevĂ© leotard
  • Pale pink footless tights
  • No ballet shoes
  • Hair should be pulled back neatly and secure
  • No jewelry or hair accessories


  • White t-shirt
  • Black tights/leggings
  • No ballet shoes
  • Hair should be styled neatly and kept out of the face
  • No jewelry or hair accessories
Boys on the Move

Get Moving

Any student who wishes to join our Children’s program can submit a registration form online or in person.

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