April 29, 2021 - August 22, 2021

New Moves: Episode 10

New Moves returns this season with a twist: all original works filmed in beautifully iconic Kansas City locations. Each free 20-minute episode includes bonus features including interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.  Click here for full list of episodes.

Watch the full episode of Emily Mistretta’s Velvet Vacancy on this page (scroll down) from Thursday, April 29 through August 22.

About KC Ballet’s New Moves: Episode 10

Velvet Vacancy 

A reflection on the reality of the present and the imagination that radiates against it. One dancer conjures a world that comes to life in the vacant space we all left behind. The scent of dust clinging to the wings, the glow of lights turning on, their heat grazing your skin. The quietness as you stare into the deep black house. The way the sound deafens into the velvet seats.


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Meet Choreographer Emily Mistretta

Throughout her dance career Emily Mistretta has worked on multiple choreographic collaborations and movement theories, leading her to find her own signature style and produce her own work. She has choreographed for Kansas City Ballet, Moving Arts project and Kansas City Ballet School. Emily created her first piece, Beyond Blood, for the KCB company in 2018, followed by Prism Break in 2019 and Wu Li’ Livin’ for KCBS. She then created In Wounded Woods for the Moving Arts Project in the summer of 2019. Emily has most recently created Velvet Vacancy for this season’s digital rep, and this spring she will be premiering her latest New Moves work, Looking for Perilune.

Company Member Emily Mistretta


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