You Are Our Hero

Relief & Recovery Campaign Heroes

Kansas City Ballet thanks its heroes – the following individuals, companies, and foundations who have donated tickets, tuition, and gifts to the Ballet in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for sustaining your Ballet Company! 

Listing includes gifts from March 16, 2020 – May 13, 2020.

3M Foundation
Ms. Lila Meroe Aamodt
Jane Abildgaard
Ms. Lona Abildgaard
Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Affolter
Chris Ahrens
Dr. Terry Alleman
Mr. Brad Allen and Mr. Gene Cooper
John and Anna Allen
Ms. Sue Allen
Mary Ann and Bill Allen
Patrick and Lauren Amey
David and Jennifer Anderson
Ms. Leslie G. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry F. Anderson Jr
Rebekah Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Anderson
Ms. Robynn Andracsek
Andrews McMeel Universal Foundation
Anonymous (13)
Pam Cote, in memory of Marie Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Anthony
Mr. Joe Archias
Mr. and Mrs. James Arkell
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Armilio
Arvin T. Gottlieb Charitable Foundation, UMB Bank,
N.A., trustee
Andrew and Molly Ash
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ashcroft
Mrs. Susan T. Asjes
Assured Partners
Ms. Elizabeth Austin
AXA Advisors
Ms. Kayleigh Aytes
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bailey
Dr. Aimee Baird
Ms. Audrey Baker
Bruce and Jennifer Balke
Ms. MaryAnn Ballard
Dr. Michael S. Ballentine
Mr. and Mrs. Richard O. Ballentine
Ms. Dyanna Ballou
Jim and Carol Balsamo
Bank of America
Ms. Lynn Banks
Ms. Janis Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bast
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Battey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Baumgartner
Mr. Matthew Bax
Bruce and Vicki Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beal
Melinda L. and Tom E. Beal
Ms. Theresa R. Becker
Ms. Jill Beckman
Larry & Angela Bedell
Dr. Dan and Collette Bednarczyk
Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger
Anne and Donald Belinger
Ms. Kristen Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bell
Margaret Perkins-McGuinness and Nathan Benjamin
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Benson
Sarah Bent and Craig Thompson
Kathy and Mark Berger
Ms. Stephanie Berndt
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Best
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Best
Ms. Jan Beuthien
Ms. Lindsey Bianco
Ms. Loretta Birkenmeier
Doug and Lisa Bittel
Bryan and Leigh Blackman
Mrs. Melanie Blackmore
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah Blank
Ilyssa Block
Mr. Michael J. Blomberg
Ms. Sara Bloomfield
Dr. Carol Blum
Lynne Bock
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Bodle
Ms. Julie Boese
Jeanne Bojarski, in memory of Theodosia Helen
Sallyann and Loren Boline
Ms. Betsy Levin Bond
Mrs. Laurel Bondi
Kristin M. Bone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bonney
Mary G. Boomer
Mr. Lloyd Boothe
Boulevard Brewing Company
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bowser
Mr. Richard J. Boyle, Jr.
Ms. Crystal Brackett
Bruce and Linda Bradley
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt
Ms. Rhonda Jean Brasher
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bray
Mr. Darren Brehm
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bremer
Dr. and Mrs. David Brewer
Janis E. Brewster
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Bridges
Ms. Brooklyn Brizendine
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Brooks
Ms. Judith Brougham
David and Marissa Brown
Mr. Gates Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brown
Lynne Brown
Ms. Michelle Brownlee
Robert and Pamela Bruce
Ms. Jennifer Bruggeman
Mrs. Kimberly Brummer
Stephen and Jeannette Bruns
David and Angela Bryan
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb
AXA Advisors
Ms. Lorraine Buchanan
Mrs. Lauri Buckman
Ms. Tracy Burgess
Alexis Burggrabe
Ms. Micaela Burke
Dr. Jay and Morgan Burlingame
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Burris
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Busch
Mr. William Allen Buschling
Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Ms. Norma Butler
Ms. Amanda Buttig
Michael and Kirsten Byrd
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Calloway
Jim Calvert
Scott and Amy Cameron
Mr. Marc Cameron
Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Card
Ms. Sharon Carder-Jackson
Dr. Allison Cargnel
Joe and Becky Carle
Mr. Morrie Carlson
Mrs. Lexa Carr
Dr. Mark Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Carr
Ms. Celeste Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Carter
Mr. John Carter and Ms. Cynthia Essmyer
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Castaldo
Ms. Elena Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chang
Jeff Chen
Ms. Jamie Cheshier
Mrs. Lesa Childers
Ms. Stephanie Chrisman
Ms. Keri Christensen
Julie and Vince Clark
Mr. Bradley Clarke, in honor of Dr. Ann Ethner Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Claxton
Karen and Steven Clegg
Ms. Bethany Cleland
Ms. Amber Cleveland
Mrs. Connie Cleveland
Ms. Lindsay Clipner
Ms. Bethany Clubb
Mr. and Mrs. Greyson Clymer
Robert J. Cody
Kathy and Bill Coenen
Ms. Alison Collins
Ms. Kathleen Colombo
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Conner
Steven S. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Conwell
Copaken Family Fund
Christine Copeland
Ms. Katy Cornell
Libby and Mark Corriston
Mrs. Melissa Cosentino
Ms. Jenny Couch
Ms. Dia Covington
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Cox
Mr. Daniel Coy
Mr. Curtis Cradic
Suzanne C. Crandall
Ms. Lesley Creal
Mr. and Mrs. Randy and Linda Crenshaw
Ms. Rita Crocker
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Cross
April and Michael Crosser
Mr. Richard H. Cull
Daniel W. Cunningham
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng and Dr. Tom Curran
Mr. Brett Currier
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cusser
Don and Pat Dagenais
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Daggett
Dusty Dahmer
Ms. Elaine Dalgleish
Ms. Laura Dalton
Mr. Joel Daly
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daly
Beth and Dennis DaSilva
Mr. Robert Neil Davidson
Amanda Davis
Ms. Connie Davis
The Dawson Family
Ms. Laura Dean
Ms. Martha Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Stinson Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DeCoursey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Deen
Mr. and Mrs. Roper DeGarmo
Mr. Joseph Deleo
Natalie Dempsey
Dr. Jennifer Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald DeVenuta
Ms. Darcy Dinneny
Marvie and Mark Dirks (Loyalty Thank You Listing)
Ms. Konnie Dispenza
Ms. Cheryl K. Dittmer
Ms. Kathryn Dixon
Barbara Dodson
Ms. Mary Lynne Kathryn Dolembo
Bill and Jo Anne Dondlinger
Dr. David Donovan
Ms. Dinah Dosdos
Cathy and Steve Doyal
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Driks
Ms. Linda Drozd
Carol Ducak
Mr. and Mrs. Burton Dunbar
Diane K. Dunford
Ms. Kathleen Dunham
Peggy and Terrence Dunn
Ms. Dixie Ann Dunnaway
Julia Kirk and John Duty
Cynthia Easter
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Easton
Steven and Leigh Eck
Ms. Amy Eckhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Edwards
Mrs. Rebecca Ehrich
Ms. Jean Eiler
Joseph and Diana Eisenach
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Elwood
Dr. James and Mrs. Stephanie Eppler
Ms. Patricia Evarts
Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg
Ms. Kristin Falen
Ms. Maureen Fannen
Ms. Crystal Faris
Patti Farmar
Ms. Linda Farwell
Ms. Melissa Faulkner
Ms. Tina Fei
Carol and Tony Feiock
Ms. Hannah Fenley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske
Ms. Sarah Ferguson
Mr. Leonard Fetters
Ms. Susan Anne Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Filing
Sally Firestone
Mr. and Mrs. Antoni Firner
Ms. Lisa Fitch
Mr. Trenton B. Fleming
Ms. Sandra K. Foley
Mr. and Mrs. John Forbis
Kevin Fortin
Ms. Barbara Loring Foster
Mr. Carlton Fowler
Ms. Jennifer Fox
Ms. Jacqueline Foy
Laurie and Rick Frawley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Frazell
Ms. Valerie French
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frost
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Funk
Mr. Jacob Funke
Mrs. Marilyn A.W. Gaar
Roger Gaedigk
Mr. Mark Galus and Ms. Sara Copeland
Mr. Brad Gampper and Ms. Gina Riekhof
Dr. Alfredo Garcia
Ms. Maria Fernanda Garduza
Ivan Garnica
Sidonie Garrett
Ms. Lisa Garrison
Ms. Tammy Gay
Ann and Douglas Ghertner
Mrs. Kate Gibbs
Nicole R. Giguere
Gill Studios, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gill
Mrs. Maureen Giraldo
Jeff and Carla Girkin
Ms. Ellen Glab
Lisa and Steven Glassman

Mr. and Mrs. Justin Godsell
Ellen R. and John R. Goheen
Emma Good
Google Fiber
Gayle Gotcher
Ms. Renae Gottschall
Edith and Keith Grafing
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Graves
Ms. Joan Green
Mark W. Green
Mr. John Greer
Mr. Clay Griggs
Ms. Jann Grimm
Ms. Jill Grotzinger
Dr. Omar Gudino
Tesa Guevel
Mr. Kurt W. Gugler
Ms. Shellie Guin
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Guyler
Mr. Bradley Hajek
Hall Family Foundation
Mr. William Hallagin and Ms. Lara Hayes
Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Ms. Teresa Hamilton
Ms. Ashley Hand
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hansen
Ms. Yan Hao
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hare
Mr. and Mrs. David Harkness
David and Beth Harris
Mr. Scott Harris
Ms. Haley Harrison-Lee
Ms. Brittany Harrold
Michael and Marlys Haverty
Joe Hawes
Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Hawks
Karen and Judy Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heckerthorn
Steven Heflin and Candace Evans
Ms. Mary Hegenbarth
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Heim
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Heinrichs
Helen S. Boylan Foundation
George Helmkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Craig and Patty Hemphill
Henderson Engineers, Inc.
Gina and John Hendren
Mr. Mark Henry and Mrs. Ellen Woodward Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Hensen
Glenna Osborn and John Herigon
Ms. Carmen Lizette Hernandez-Garcia
John Herron and Jennifer Frost
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hershberger
Mr. Geoff Hetley and Ms. Claudette Borchers
Lisa Merrill Hickok
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
Mrs. Amy Marie Hiles
Helen Hill, in memory of Jo Albert-Hill
Ms. Olesha Hill
Mr. Matthew Hillman
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hodges
Ms. Stacey Hodges
Ms. Christina Holland
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Holliday
Ms. Amy Holloway
Kevin Holmes
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Holst
Lesley and Peter Holt
Ms. Jesyca Hope
Ms. Candace Hopkins
Ms. Carolyn Hoppe
Carolyn Hoppe and Lisa Gioia
Ms. Joan Horan
Ms. Brita Horowitz
Whitney and Patrick Hosty
Darcy Howe and John Black
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Hubbard
David H. Hughes, Jr.
Elizabeth Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hughlett
Charles and Betty Hulse
Dr. Krystal Humphreys
Mr. Timothy Hundley
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hunkeler
Carol and Mark Hunt
Mr. Jarrod Huntley and Ms. Adriana Albors
Tom and Carol Hynek
David and Diana Ice
Ms. Lucia Iglesias
Beth Ingram
Ms. Melanie Isenmann
JE Dunn Construction Company
Mrs. Judy Jackson
Ms. Kathy Jo Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jacobi
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jacques
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jager
Mrs. Cyndi James
The Rev. Robin L. James & The Rev. Susan J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Janasz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Jensen
Dr. Richard Jensen and Ms. Gay Dannelly
Ms. Kari Jessip
Heidi Johnson
Christina and Chris Johnson
Matt and Brook Johnson
Stratus Group LLC- Courtney and Peggy Jones
Ms. Carol Anne Jones
Garrett and Claire Jones
Ms. Lynn Dee Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jones
Ms. Bonnie Jones
Dr. Karen M. Jordan
Charles S. Joss, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Nate Juraschek
Kathy Kalin
Rev. Philip Micheal Kane
Mr. Terrence Katzer
Mrs. Martina Kautz
Michael Kaye and Susana Valdovinos
Kansas City Ballet Guild
Kearney Wornall Foundation, UMB Bank, n.a., Trustee
Deborah and Frances Keating
Mollie Keeler James in loving memory of Lois and
Elisha Keeler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Keeling
Mr. Alex Keiffer
Ms. Erin Kelley
Ms. Karla J Kelly
William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank
Charlotte Kemper
Cheri and John Kendrick
Maureen A. Kennedy
Ms. Season Kerns
Ms. Donna Khademi
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride
Mr. Charles S. Killgore
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Killian
Mr. Jay Kimbrough
Ms. Shea Kimbrough
Ms. Ann Kindred
Andrew King
Ms. Susan Kellogg King
Mary Kingsley
Ms. Zoe Kinney
Kerry Lee Kirkpatrick
Ms. Paula Klasek
Ms. Anna Klein Fink
Ms. Cassie Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Knernschield
Ms. Sue Ann Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Don Knopke
Ms. Jennifer Knudtson
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Koch
Mr. Daniel Kowalik
Mr. and Mrs. David Kroeger
Ms. Barbara Kruse
Dr. and Mrs. William Kruse
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kuhnke
Mrs. Julia Kyle
Mrs. Morgan Kyle
Art and Marianne Lafex
Heather and Nathan Lagergren
Mr. Patrick James Lais
Mr. Grant C. Lamascus and Miss Mimielle Marek
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lamb
Ms. Meredith Lamb
Ms. Victoria Lamkey
Peg LaMourie
Monica Lane
Ms. Tina Langston
George H. Langworthy, Sr.
Mrs. Nicole Laplante
Ms. Mary Anne Lappin and Mr. Bruce Hamilton
Ms. Angie Laurie
Ms. Jina A. Lawhon
Marsha Lawrence
Ms. Alyson Laws
Ms. Wendy Leach
Ms. Judy Lebestky
Sabrina Lee, in memory of Kelly Ann Ross
Painted Primas
Ms. Niciole LeFebvre
Paula and Rusty Leffel
Ms. Gennifer Legate
Mr. Richard Lehmann
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
Ms. Janet L. LeTourneau
Ms. Janet Lewis
Ashley Lindemann, in honor of Genny Fuller
Bill Lindsay and Jan Foletta
Ken and Nan Lippincott
Mr. Wayne E. Lippman
Mr. Jesse Little
Mr. Jerald Lockridge
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Lockton
Mrs. Holly Long
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Long
Mrs. Tracy Long
A. J. LoScalzo
Louis and Frances Swinken Supporting Foundation
Ms. Jann W. Lucas
Ms. Katherine Lynch, in memory of Myldred Lyons
Mrs. Barbara Lyons
Marissa Lyons
Marlene Ma
Richard and Barbara MacArthur
Patricia Macdonald
Nancy Ann Madeira
Ms. Patricia James
Gerald and Maria Magliano
Mr. and Mrs. William Maher
Colette and James Majerle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mallen
Mr. George Malter
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Maniktala
Elaine and Benjamin Mann
Ms. Mary-Lucille Mantz
Ms. Jan Marcason and Mr. Dick Purucker
Dennis and Susan Lordi Marker
Ms. Marsha Marmolejo
Ms. Barbara Marmor
Mr. Jose De Jesus Marquez-Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marsh
Mr. David Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Juergen Massey
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes
Ms. Leah Mathews
Ms. Judith Mathewson
Mr. Scott Matthews and Ms. Elizabeth Radtke
Ms. Donna J. Mattingly
Ms. Marie A. Maugans-Coleman
Ms. Rosemary Mayberry
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Maynard
Mr. and Mrs. Sean McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. John McClain
P. Alan McDermott
Ms. Carolyn Kay McDill
Mary Anne and Steve McDowell
Dr. Barbara McGrath
Chris and Ellen McIntyre
Ms. Colleen McKenzie
Teresa and Bruce McKinney
Mrs. Gayla McKinney
Mr. Larry McMullen
Jean and Gerald McNamara
Ms. Lenora Medcalf
Ms. Patricia Meier
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Meinholdt
Ms. Irene Mendelsberg
Rachel and Matt Merlo
Ms. Brenda Meyer
Ms. Jennifer Meyer
Ms. Lindsay Meyer and Mr. Corey A. Brunk
Renee Meyer and Robert Stokes
Mrs. Sarah Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Meyers
Ms. Brandi Lynne Michaelis
Ted and Joyce Middendorf
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Migneron
Joan S. Miller
Ms. Lindsey Miller
Mrs. Lorene Miller
Kerry and Robert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Mirakian
Missouri Cultural Trust
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
Mary Moffatt
Dr. Louis Monaco II and Ms. Benecia Carmack
Ms. Melinda Montague
Mr. Jack Moodie
Mrs. Alison Moore
Ms. Amy Moore
Eva Moore’s Performing Arts Center
Ms. Jessica Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morris
Ms. Carole Mosher
Justin and Kristin Moshier
Aaron and Susan Moss
Dr. Susan Mou and Dr. Frank Slovick
Ms. Karen Moyer
Ms. Sherrill Mulhern
Ms. Valerie Mulholland
Ms. Judy Mullen
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mullican
Nancy L. Murdock, Ph.D.
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy
Mr. Robert and Dr. Angela Murray
Jeff and Tracy Musolf
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Myers
Ms. Christine Myre
Phyllis Naragon
Barbara Clarke Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Neighbors
Marcy Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Nelson
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
Victoria Newman
Dr. and Mrs. Randall Newth
Barbara and David Nicely
Barry and Margaret Nickell
The Nieman Family
Ms. Mary Beth Noble Payne
Ms. Patricia Noblett
Ruben Noguera
Ms. Mary Nolan
Dr. Robert G. Nulph
Debby and Catherine Nye
Ms. Lauren Nye
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Neill
Ms. Katherine O’Rourke
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Osbern
Dean and Tammy Oskvig
Mr. Andrew Osman and Mrs. Deb Feder
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Osmond
Sean and Tara O’Sullivan
Mr. Donald Ousterhout
Dr. Donna Pacicca and Mr. Dominic CeCicco
Ms. Florence Pack
George and Suzy Pagels
Jo Beth Paradis and Bill Steeb
Ms. Stephanie Parenza
Ms. Nicole Parigo
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
Carolyn and Bill Parkerson
Elizabeth Parks
Larry and Mary Parrish
Mr. John Patterson and Ms. Angela Liddeke
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Patterson
Ritchie Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Foster Paulette
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Pence
Mr. J.D. Perkins
Ms. Jacqueline Perlman
Mr. and Mrs. John Peryan
Mr. Andrew Pesek and Ms. Nicole Jeffries
Ms. Jessica Peters
Kathy Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Pettijohn
Judy Pfannenstiel and David Waxse
Ms. Erin Phillips
Jutta Phillips
Mr. Vince Pianalto
Mr. Randall N. Pick
Kate and Allen Pickert
Ms. Emily Pierzchalski
Kyla Pitts-Zevin
Ms. Billie Platt
John Plumb
Ms. Regina Plummer
Diana and Rick Poccia
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Poe
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Pontier
Ms. Amanda Porter
Drs. Charles and Susan Porter
Mr. David R. Porter
Sarah M. Porter
Ms. Stephanie Porter
Ms. Sharon Potts
Mr. David Powell and Mrs. Anne Riker Powell
George and Wendy Powell Fund of The Kuehn
Stephen and Nancy Prantl
Barbara S. and Thomas M. Prater
Ms. Margaret Presson
Ms. Deena Price
Timothy and Laurie Price
Mr. Brian Puckett and Mrs. Dawn Michelle Wolff
Ms. Frances Pugh
Mr. William Pugh
Ms. Amanda Quinn
Duke Radovich and Julie Rieck
Ms. Robin Randall
Ms. Madhuri Reddy
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Reiff
Mrs. Latha Reiland
Ms. Laura Reinschmidt
Mrs. Sara Remillard
Ms. Camille Reneau
Ms. Katherine Ressler
Mr. Patrick Michael Reynolds
Meredith Ries
Joan and Jerry Riffel
Ms. Connie L. Riley
Mr. David Riley
Ms. Leah Ritter
Mr. David L. Roberts
Rachael Robey
Ms. Alicia Robinett
Ms. Connie L. Robinson
Fred and Cindy Rock
Mr. Neal Rogers and Mrs. Amy Morgan-Rogers
Ms. Heather Rogge
Ms. Monica Monique Roland
Gigi and Gary Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosenberger,in memory of Duane
& Betty Rosenberger
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
JP and Linda Roueche
Ms. LaTisha Roundtree
Paula and Jack Rowe
Tracey Rowe
Miryam Rumbaut, in honor of Clara Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rush
Matthew and Heather Ryan
Ms. Jennifer Rytting
Ms. Megan Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands
Humboldt Sax
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Schafer
Mrs. Julie Ann Scheidegger
Michael Schermoly
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Schilling
Mr. Rick Schladweiler
Ms. Jane Schleicher
Mr. Alvin J. Schneider
Christy and Brett Schoenfeld
Mr. Christopher Schooley
Katherine Schrogl
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Schumm
Ms. Joan Ellen Schwarz
Janet Schwenke
Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Severns
Tommye and Stan Sexton
Bill and Ginny Shackelford
Ms. Elizabeth Shaffer
Mr. Zachary H. Shafran
Mr. Aleksandr Shardakova
Ms. Jeanne Sharkey
Dr. Marcie Shea
Ms. Jacqueline Shearer
Ms. Judy Sherry
Jennifer and Greg Sherwood
The Shook Family
Ms. Ruth Shuker
Aharon Shulimson and Julie Terry
Ms. Ashley Sight
Danielle Simons
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Lisa Sirridge
Pam and Gary Smedile
Rebecca and Phil Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Smith
Mr. David A. Smith
Ms. Elaine Smith
Kay and Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Smith
Mr. Paul Smith and Ms. Sandra Foley
Ms. Marsha Smitherman
Suzanne Shank and Martin Smoler
Sharon and Thomas Soetaert
Craig Sole and Wayne Long
Sosland Foundation
Ms. Kylee Rooney Soucie
Ms. Susan Spaulding
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker
Mrs. Cathy St. Clair
Mr. Ken Staehle and Mrs. Laura Mayes
Marya and Kent Stallard
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Stanislav
Mr. and Mrs. Dusan Stanojevic
Ms. Lynda Starkey
Mrs. Diann Lynn Steele
Ms. Annie Stenger
Ms. Sharon Stephens
Ms. Mary Stephenson
Stepp & Rothwell, Inc.
Matt Sterling and Lauren Thompson
Mr. Gary Stevens
Mr. Adam Stoos
Greg and Barbara Storm
Ms. Jamie Stoughton
Ms. Kaite Mediatore Stover
Michele and Jim Stowers
Aviva Ajmera and Wayne Strickland
Stephen and Mary Stringer
Ms. Hilary Stroh
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sullivan
Pamela and Terrence Sullivan
Ann and John Sundeen
Mr. James Surber
John and Dana Sutton
Deb and Tom Swenson
Ms. J. Annette Szulc
Dr. and Mrs. John R. W. Taylor
Ann and Frank Taylor
Lindsay Taylor
Ms. Diane Teal
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Teddy
Leanne Tefft
Dr. Rana Tenorio
Kurtis L. Thiel
Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, Jr.
Ms. Catherine Thompson
Mrs. Kimberlee Thompson
Mr. R. W. Thompson, in memory of Lou Thompson
Robert and Sandra Thompson
Ms. Sharon Thompson
Cathy and Don Thomson
Susan Thorne
Ms. Ann Thornton
Bertrand and Allison Tignon
Ramelle Timm
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Todd
Mr. and Mrs. Addison Tolentino
Mark and Sharon Tompkins
The Brad Tompkins Family
Karen Toughey
Ms. Laura Treeman
Ms. Suzanne L. Trine
Mr. and Mrs. TJ Trum
Ms. Michelle Tuason
Ms. Laura Garnyte
Father Paul Turner
Laura and Steven Tyler
Paul Tyler and Laura Petta
U.S. Engineering Innovations
Ms. Laurie M. Ullrich
UMB Financial Corporation
UMB Financial Corporation
US Bank Foundation
Dr. Angela Valadez and Mr. Patrick Valadez
Ms. Amy Valmassei
Ms. Valorie Lynn Van Alphen
Ms. Gayle Van Auken
Mr. Andrew Van Der Laan and Ms. Rebecca Schwietz
Beulah and John Van Haften
Ms. Heidi Van Middlesworth
Mrs. Krista Vandenoord
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vega
Laura and Chris Vernaci
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Victor
Rose & Maria Villanueva
Mrs. Erica Voell
Marty and Wendy Vogel
Beatriz and Roger Vossman
Penelope S. Vrooman
Jake and Kate Wagner
Ms. Christine Waldschmidt
John and Angela Walker
Ron Walker
Mr. Stephen Waller
Mr. and Mrs. Del Walls
Ms. Deborah Walsh
Ms. Madaline Walter
Katherine Walter
Ms. Lindsey Walton
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Walz
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang
Dr. Bradley and Barbara Warady
Mr. Donald Ward
Kyle and Jacquie Ward
Martha Warren
Mr. Jim and Dr. Ann Waterman
Linda Watkins
Julie Watson
John Watt
Mrs. Ashley Watts
Ms. Tamara Wawrosch
Mrs. Barbara Weary
Mr. Kenneth Weiner and Ms. Pam Fleischer
Katherine and Clyde Wendel
Ms. Sydney West
Ms. Jen Wetzel
Sharon and Joseph Whalen
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Whiteman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Wiersma
Mr. Frank Wigger
Diana Wille and Fred Spears
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Ms. Christina Williams
Ms. Lindsey Wilson
Ms. Marsha J. Wilson
Ms. Michelle Wilson
Paula Winchester
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Winiarski
Mrs. Jessica Winston
Mrs. Cynthia Wiscombe
Mrs. Stephanie Wishman
Joyce and Gregory Wolfe
Darlus M. Wolff
Ms. Jeanne Wolfgeher
Mary and Lance Wood
The Thomas and Sally Wood Family Foundation
Bonnie Worthington, Christine Nolte, TC VanBaale
Mackenzie Wright
Sally Wright, in honor of Future Dancers
Dr. Michael J. and Cindy S. Wurm
Ms. Mary Yanics
Rachel Yasharian
Ms. Marva York
Andy Zaborny and Karyn Clewes Zaborny
Mr. Adam Zaiger
Ms. Stephanie Zeller
Mr. Wayne Zetzman
Dr. Judith Zivanovic
Mr. and Mrs. Cord Zucht