You Are Our Hero

Relief & Recovery Campaign 2020-2021 Heroes

Kansas City Ballet thanks its heroes – the following individuals, companies, foundations, and schools who have donated tickets, tuition, and gifts to the Ballet in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you for sustaining your Ballet Company!

Listing below includes gifts from July 1, 2020 –  January 13, 2021.

Click here for 2019-2020 Hero Contributors

Our dancers want to thank you specially. Please view their video here.

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909 Properties, Inc.
Ms. Lona Abildgaard
Ms. Tara Adams
Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins, The Lighton Fund
Chris Ahrens
Alaskan Furs
Mr. Brad Allen and Mr. Gene Cooper
Mary Cade Allen
John and Anna Allen
Robert Allen
Ms. Sue Allen
Mary Ann and Bill Allen
Ms. Leslie G. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Lowry F. Anderson Jr
Robynn Andracsek
Anonymous (15)
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Anthony
Mr. Joe Archias
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Arens
Mr. and Mrs. James Arkell
Ms. Bailey Pianalto
Ms. Heather Aronoff
Lillard and DeVette Ashley
Atterbury Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Audsley


Ms. Pamela Bachman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Badgett
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Bailey
Bethann Baker
Ms. Mary C. Ballard
Mr. and Mrs. James Balsamo
Dr. Crystal Bandy
Bank of America
Ms. Lynn Banks
Deborah Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Bast
Dr. James Batterson
Ms. Catherine Battle
Mr. Brian Bausinger
Bruce and Vicki Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beal
Melinda L. and Tom E. Beal
Bebe and Crosby Kemper Foundation for the Arts
Ms. Amy Beck
Dr. Paul Beck Jr.
Ms. Amy Becker
Ms. Theresa R. Becker
Larry & Angela Bedell
Dr. Dan and Collette Bednarczyk
Ms. Sarah Belanus
Ms. Roxanne M. Belcher
Mr. Brian Belden
Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger
Anne and Donald Belinger
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bell
Ms. Carly Benjamin
Cathy Bennett and Mike McGuire
Ms. Sheila Bennett
Sarah Bent and Craig Thompson
Kathy and Mark Berger
Mr. Erik Bergrud and Ms. Kimberlee Ried
Joan and Bert Berkley / Blue Heron Foundation
Joan and Bert Berkley / Blue Heron Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Best
John and Cheryl Bester
Ms. Jan Beuthien
Mr. Blair Bieser
Mrs. Brittany Birmingham
Mrs. Crystal Bishop
Doug and Lisa Bittel
Ms. Karen Black
Mrs. Melanie Blackmore
Michael Blankowski
Laura Blasi
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Bleckinger
Jessica Blom
BlueScope Steel
Dr. Carol Blum
Mrs. Kerry Boehm
Mr. Derek G. Bolden
Sallyann and Loren Boline
Mrs. Laurel Bondi
Mr. Eric Book
Mary G. Boomer
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Borkon, in honor of Mary Lynn
and Kamal Mikhail
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Bowser
Ms. Marilyn Bowser
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bowser
Ms. Bekah Boyer
Ms. Kathleen Bradford
Joe and Claire Brand
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. John Brandt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bray
Jacques Bredius
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bremer
Ms. Julie Bresette
Janis E. Brewster
Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Brisimitzakis
Denny Allen Brisley
Jeff and Muriel Brock
Ms. Michelle Brouhard
Mary Lou and Tom Brous
Daniel and Sharon Brown
Mr. Gates Brown
Mrs. Jeannae Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Brown
Lynne Brown
Lynne and Peter Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Brown
Virginia Brown
Mr. W Mike Brown
Mr. and Mra. Aaron Browning
Robert and Pamela Bruce
Ms. Patricia Bruhn
Marika Brussel
Ms. Gwen Brustad
Ms. Ariel Buback
Megan Bubb
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb
Bonnie Buchele
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Buckman
Mrs. Pamela Buddemeyer
Ms. Whitney Burgess
Burns & McDonnell
Holly and Michael Buser
Jillian Leigh Bush
Mr. Ken Bush in memory of Mrs. Victoria Bush
Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield
Ms. Norma Butler
Michael and Kirsten Byrd


Mr. Mark Calvert and Ms. Sarah Schaefer
Alice Capson
Joe and Becky Carle
Devon Carney and Pamela Royal Carney
Mrs. Lexa Carr
Ms. Eloise Yvonne Carter
Mr. Rodrigo S. Carvajal
Ms. Sharon Casebolt
Ms. Laura Cashmore
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Castaldo
Dr. Megan Cates
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cavanaugh
Ms. Debbie Chase
Ms. Lisa Choules
Ms. Gloria R Christison
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Christopher
Angela Cicero
Dr. Robert Claassen
Chris and Kim Clair, in memory of Judith Jasco
Ms. Sara Clark
Trina Clark
Vince and Julie Clark
Mr. Bradley Clarke
Karen and Steven Clegg
Robert J. Cody
Kathy and Bill Coenen
Ms. Lyn Coleman
Ms. Jill Comeau
Mrs. Melissa Conaghan
Mr. and Mrs. William Conaway
Ms. Angela Connell
Steven S. Conway
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Conwell
Jonathan Cook
Copaken Family Fund
Copaken Family Foundation
Christine Copeland
Ms. Sheri V. Copeland
Ms. Julie Coppola
Corinth Elementary
Betty Ann Courtelyou
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Cota
Ms. Julie L. Cotitta
Loire and Dale Cowen
Andrea Cox
Jennifer Owen and Brad Cox
Ms. Susie Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Craig
Suzanne C. Crandall
Mr. James E. Crawford
Ms. Andrea Crider
April and Michael Crosser
Ms. Erin Crowley
Eva and Bill Cummings
Daniel W. Cunningham
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng and Dr. Tom Curran
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cusser


Don and Pat Dagenais
Ms. Elaine Dalgleish
Danielle Loy Tongier Foundation Fund
Kyle Danner
Sally and Dave Dannov
Beth and Dennis DaSilva
Ms. Jennifer Dasilva
Ms. Connie Davidson
Mrs. Lori Davila
Dr. Charles Davis and Dr. Donna Davis
Ms. Jennie Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Deen
M. A. Deen
Stacey Deere
Katherine Del Signore
Ms. Deborah Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Denson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Desalvo
Diamond Roofing-Marc & Monica Cameron
Ms. Ruth Dickinson and Mr. Russell Fries
Marvie and Mark Dirks
Mr. and Mrs. Griff Docking
Barbara Dodson
Zach Domrese
Mr. Robert Dona and Ms. Sharon Johnson
Bill and Jo Anne Dondlinger
Mr. Mark Thornhill and Ms. Maria Donigan
Dr. David Donovan
Ms. Dinah Dosdos
Ms. Kristin Douglas, in honor of Miss Diana’s
School of Dance
Mr. and Mrs. Randy H. Downing
Downtown Council of Kansas City
Steve and Cathy Doyal
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Doyle
Ms. Kathleen Draskovich
SS&C Technologies, Inc.
DST Systems Inc.
John and Vicki Dubois
Mary and Michael Duff
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duffy
Scott Duke
Ms. Dana Dunaway, in memory of Brenda Crowe
Diane K. Dunford
Peggy and Terrence Dunn
Ms. Julie Dusold-Culbertson
Julia Kirk and John Duty


Cynthia Easter
ECCO Select Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. George Edwards
Joseph and Diana Eisenach
Mr. and Mrs. James Eiszner
Elevé Dancewear, Kansas City Ballet’s School
Uniform Partner
Mr. William Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Ellspermann
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry
Amy and David Embry
Sara A. Engber
Dr. James and Mrs. Stephanie Eppler
Victoria Erickson
Mrs. Joni Etherington
Ms. Beverly Lynn Evans


Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg
Mrs. Sandra Fahlstrom
Ms. Natalie Fanos
Ms. Crystal Faris
Ms. Monica K. Farr
Ms. Linda Farwell
Michelle and William Fasel
Ms. Melissa Faulkner
Carol and Tony Feiock
Jay and Amy Felton
Ms. Hannah Fenley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Fenske
Mr. and Mrs. David Ficklin
Sally Firestone
Mr. and Mrs. Antoni Firner
Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzsimmons
Dan Flanigan
Charlotte Folsom, in honor of Robert Underwood
Ms. Melissa Ford
Robert Forkner
Kevin Fortin
Mr. Joe Fossati
The Francis Family Foundation / Scott Francis
J. Scott Francis
Mrs. Bette Friedberg
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frost
Caitlin Fudge
Mr. and Mrs. David Fuller
Ms. Pamela Rose Fuson


Marilyn A.W. Gaar, in memory of Norman E. Gaar
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gabbert
Anne Gagel
Dale and Linda Gallaway
Dr. Alfredo Garcia
Mrs. Janet Gatz-Bennett
Gail Gegory
Jennifer Geis
Ms. Susan G. Geiss
Mr. and Mr. Peter Genaris
David and Katrina George
Ms. Susie George
Frances and George Gerritz
Mr. Richard Gibson and Dr. Jennifer Ashby
Geri Gilbert
Gill Studios, Inc.
Susan Gilmore and Barry Loughrige
Mrs. Maureen Giraldo
Mrs. Susan Girod
Lavinnia Glasrud
Lisa and Steven Glassman
Ms. Sarah Gockley
Ellen R. and John R. Goheen
Stanley L. & Geraldine Goldberg Family Fund
Emma Good
Google Fiber
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gordon
Ms. Kathleen C. Gorman
Gayle Gotcher
Ms. Verna M. Granger
Dante Gray
Ms. Stacey Graybeal
Ms. Brooke Grechus
Mark W. Green
Mr. Jacob Greer
Ms. Jamie Greer
Mrs. Sally Groves
Ms. Pamela L. Groves-Gaggioli
Dr. Omar Gudino
Mr. and Mrs. Gavin Guest
Mr. Kurt W. Gugler
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Guyler


H&R Block Foundation
Maryann Haefs
Mr. Chris Lee Hafner
Ms. Felicity Hajjar
Hall Family Foundation
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr.
Fred and Lilian Hall
Hallmark Cards, Inc,
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Mr. Lawrence Hamel and Ms. Lynnis Jameson
Ms. Gabrielle Handler
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Mr. George G. Hans
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hare
Elizabeth and Jeff Hargroves
The Harken Law Firm, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Harmon
Ms. Jen Harmon
David and Beth Harris
Dr. Rochelle Harris and Mr. Stephen Bonney
Mr. Scott Harris
Ms. Brittany Harrold
Phyllis Hart
Mr. and Mrs. John Hartman
Ms. Shannon Harvell
Ms. Bonnie Haupt
Mr. Tom Haus and Mrs. Jill Marchant
Joe Hawes
Dr. Victoria Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Van Heady
Ms. Beth Kapp
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Heckerthorn
George Helmkamp
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr.
Ms. Dondi Henak
Henry Wurst, Inc. / Margaret Wurst
Mr. Aaron Henton
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hentschel
Samantha Herdman
Ms. Megan Herrman
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey
Ms. Beverly Hessefort
Lisa Merrill Hickok
Ms. Anne E. Higon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
Mrs. Amy Marie Hiles
Ms. Aimee Hilger
Mrs. Sallie Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hodges
Ms. Kirsten Hollstrom
Ms. Joan Horan
Whitney and Patrick Hosty
Mrs. Linda Houston
Mrs. Deborah S. Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hughlett
Charles and Betty Hulse
William and Margo Humenczuk
Carol and Mark Hunt
Michael Hurd
Mrs. Mary Hutchinson
Frank and Elaine Hwang
Mrs. Verda Hyland
Tom and Carol Hynek


Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Illig
Sarah Ingram-Eiser
Mrs. Jennifer Ingraham
Beth Ingram
Ingram Family Foundation
Mr. Kirk Ivy


J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Mrs. Judy Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson
Rita Jacobsmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jacobi
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Jacques
Patricia and Bernie James
Mrs. Cyndi James
Mrs. Brenda Jarvis
Dr. Richard Jensen and Ms. Gay Dannelly
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Christina and Chris Johnson
Matt and Brooke Johnson
Linda and Topper Johntz
Garrett and Claire Jones
Ms. Christine Jordan
Dr. Karen M. Jordan
Charles S. Joss, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Junger
David Justin and Grace Holmes


Laura Kahl
Kathy Kalin
Kao Family Foundation
The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation
Julia Irene Kauffman
Deborah and Frances Keating
Mollie Keeler James in loving memory of Lois and
Elisha Keeler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Keeling
Mr. Alex Keiffer
Donna Kelly
Ms. Karla J Kelly
Charlotte Kemper
Maureen A. Kennedy
Hattie Kennedy
Drs. John D. and Ann M. Kenney
Ms. Nirmal Khalsa
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride
Mr. Charles S. Killgore
Mr. Brent E. Kimmi
Ms. Ann Kindred
Ms. Susan Kellogg King
Ms. Zoe Kinney
Julie and Mike Kirk
Ms. Paula Klasek
Mrs. Sara Klawonn
Dr. Christy Kleinsorge
Mr. Patrick Kline
Andrea and Thomas Klingner
Ms. Sue Ann Knight
Ms. Marie F. Kocher
Dana M Koehn
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Koontz Jr.
Regina and Bill Kort
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kostner
Jeanann Kouns
Donna and Joel Krichiver
Ms. Patty Kroll
Ms. Gloria Kruse
Dr. and Mrs. William Kruse
Ms. Cierra Nicole Kuehler
Mr. Davic Kuhler
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Kuhnke
Ms. Pamela Kultgen


Art and Marianne Lafex
Ms. Jennifer Lagerquist
Mr. Grant C. Lamascus and Miss Mimielle Marek
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lamb
Ms. Denise K. Lambert
Ms. Victoria Lamkey
George H. Langworthy, Sr.
Ms. Mary Anne Lappin and Mr. Bruce Hamilton
Lathrop Gage LLP
Ms. Barbara Laughlin
Ms. Jina A. Lawhon
Mr. Patrick Lawhon
Ms. Alyson Laws
Ms. Amy L. Leary
Sabrina Lee, in memory of Kelly Ann Ross
Diana Lee
Painted Primas
Mr. Richard Lehmann
Mr. and Mrs. Randal Leimer
Linda Lenza
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley
Mrs. Hiromi Lessmann
Mr. Caleb Lewis
Mrs. Carla Liberda
Mr. and Mrs. George Lilly
Ken and Nan Lippincott
Ms. Victoria Little
Lockton Companies Inc.
Ms. Maria Loconsolo
Ms. Laura A. Logan
Thomas and Joyce Lohmeyer
A. J. LoScalzo
Kimberly Lott
Mr. Charles Love
Ms. Jann W. Lucas
Sharon M. Lundy
Ms. Katherine Lynch, in memory of Myldred Lyons
Mrs. Suzann Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lyon


Richard and Barbara MacArthur
Patricia Macdonald
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mahoney
Colette and James Majerle
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Mallen
Elaine and Benjamin Mann
Lynnly Busler Marcotte
Mark One Electric Company, Inc.
Dennis and Susan Lordi Marker
Ms. Barbara Marmor
Mr. and Mrs. G. Scott Marr
Barbara Hall Marshall
Mr. David Martin
Rex and Donna Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Juergen Massey
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes
Ms. Judith Mathewson
Ms. Francie Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Mayhew
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Maynard
Jill and Sean McCarthy
Mr. Eric McCollom, in Memory of Officer Mike
Ms. Annette McCollum
Mr. Brendan Martin
P. Alan McDermott
Ms. Carolyn Kay McDill
Mary Anne and Steve McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. William McEvoy
Dr. Barbara McGrath
Teresa and Bruce McKinney
Mr. Mark E. McNeal Jr.
Meadowbrook West LLC.
Susan Meehan-Mizer
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mehrer
Ms. Patricia Meier
Ms. Stephanie Meiner, in memory of Mrs. Victoria
Ms. Vickie Melicher
Wendy and Patrick Melland
Kristi Mentesana
Rachel and Matt Merlo
Ms. Brenda Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meyer
Ms. Lindsay Meyer and Mr. Corey A. Brunk
Josephine Meyers
Ms. Lauri Meyers
Ms. Catherine Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Migneron
Ms Deborah Milam
Ms. Amanda Miles
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
Mr. Aaron Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Miller
Ms. Christina I. Miller
Katherine A. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Miller
Ms. MacKenzie Miller
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller
Miller-Mellor Association
Missouri Arts Council
Missouri Cultural Trust
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
BOK Financial
Ms. Susan Monk
Ms. Melinda Montague
Mr. Jack Moodie
Fr. Jorge Andres Moreno
Ms. Joanne S. Morgan
Andrea Morris
Mr. Frank Morris and Mrs. Laura Spencer-Morris
Mr. Michael Morris
Ms. Susan Morrissey
Ms. Ashley Moyer
Ms. Karen Moyer
Ms. Laura Muckerman
Ms. Deborah Mueller
Ms. Sherrill Mulhern
Nancy L. Murdock, Ph.D.
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy
Mr. Robert and Dr. Angela Murray
Tracy Musolf
Ms. Erin Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Myers
Mr. Gordon Mylchreest


Phyllis Naragon
Barbara Clarke Nash
National Financial Services LLC
Ms. Alana Neale
Mr. Fred Neis
Marcy Nelson
Deanna Nelson
Sarah Nelson and Jesse Pedraza
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
Ms. Jesica A. Neuhart
Sharon and Clarence Newbern
Dr. Meggan Newland and Mr. John Henry
Barbara and David Nicely
Barry and Margaret Nickell
Zachery Nicoll
Dr. Don and Donna Nielson
Michael Noga
Ms. Mary Nolan
Ms. Charlotte Nordyke
Fielding and Janice Norton
Debby and Catherine Nye


Ms. Karol O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O’Halloran
Mr. Andrew Osman and Mrs. Deb Feder
Tempe Ostergren and Andrew Elsberry
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ostrander
Mr. David Ouellette
Mr. Richard Owens


Dr. Donna Pacicca and Mr. Dominic CeCicco
Ms. Florence Pack
George and Suzy Pagels
Mr. Wilfred Palm
Dr. and Mrs. Allen Parelman
Parisi Artisan Coffee -Official Coffee Provider for
Kansas City Ballet
Carolyn and Bill Parkerson
Betsy and Geoff Parker
Mrs. Kimberly L. Parker
The Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Patterson
Ms. Margot Patterson
Linda Peakes
Mrs. Linda A. Peakes
Eastin Pecota
Pegasus Capital Management
Elinore Penner
Ms. Wanda Ruth Perkins
Cailtin Perll
Ms. Jacqueline Perlman
John C. and Kathy M. Perryman
Kathy Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peters
Ms. Peggy Peterson
Melinda and Dave Petet
Judy Pfannenstiel and David Waxse
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Pfeiffer
Ms. Erin Phillips
Mrs. Julie Phillips
Mr. Randall N. Pick
Kate and Allen Pickert
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pickett
Mr. Sherman Pitts, Jr. and Dr. Olevia Pitts
Kyla Pitts-Zevin
John Plumb
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Pontier
Sarah M. Porter
Ms. Sharon Potts
George and Wendy Powell Fund of The Kuehn
Barbara S. and Thomas M. Prater
Carolyn Price and Lou Ferro
Timothy and Laurie Price
Ms. Joan Priolo
Mrs. John H. Pruessner
Mr. Brian Puckett and Mrs. Dawn Michelle Wolff
Ms. Frances Pugh
Mrs. Jennifer Pugliese
Dan Purdom
Ms. Sarah Pysczynski


Ms. Amanda Quinn
David and Becky Quinn
Drew and Jennifer Quinn


R and C Charitable Foundation
R.A. Long Foundation
Duke Radovich and Julie Rieck
Mr. and Mrs. Mano Rafael
Kathy and Michael Rainen
Ms. Janelle Ramsburg
Patty and Jerry Reece
Ms. Beverly Rehkop
Lucinda and Richard Rice-Petrie
Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts, Commerce
Bank, Trustee
Dr. and Mrs. Walter Richardson
Mr. Jon Ridder
Joan and Jerry Riffel
Ms. Courtney J. Roberts
Rachael Robey
Ms. Susan L. Robinson
Fred and Cindy Rock
Ms. Lori Rogg
Ms. Cici Rojas
S. Caridad
Mrs. Susan Rolli
Gigi and Gary Rose
Ali Rosenblatt
Mr. Stephen Rosenboom
Jack and Jean Rosenfield
Kelly Ross
Paula and Jack Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruehle
Mr. Laurence Ruggeri
Miryam Rumbaut, in honor of Clara Peters
Molly Ryan


Ms. Alisha Sackett
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sady
Dr. and Mrs. George Saleh
Ms. T L Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands
Mr. Mark Sappington and Dr. David S. McGee
Kathy and Donald Schilling
Anastasie and Max Schlesinger
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Schmidt
Mr. Jason Schmitt
Ms. Judy Schmoeger
Ms. Charlotte Schneider
Christy and Brett Schoenfeld
Mark and Janice Schonwetter
Mr. and Mrs. James Schorgl
Susan Schwarzweller
Janet Schwenke
Mrs. Betty Scott
Brian and Kimberly Scott
Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation
Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation
Msr. Vera Seeley
Stephanie Seiler
Grace Sellers
Jere and Veronica Sellers
Bill and Ginny Shackelford
Mr. Zachary H. Shafran
Stacey Sharpe
Ms. Tanya Shelton Council
Ms. Carol Nelson Shifflett
The Shook Family
Ms. Madeline Shriver
J. Michael Sigler
Danielle Simons
Linda Singer
Kite Singleton
Mrs. Sunday Siragusa
Dr. Christopher and Mrs. Lisa Sirridge
Kayla Smalley
Christopher and Angela Smart
Pam and Gary Smedile
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith
Ms. Elaine Smith
Kay and Gary Smith
Mareta J. Smith
Mrs. Mary Lilly Smith
Ms. Susan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Vicki Smith
Ms. Marsha Smitherman
Suzanne Shank and Martin Smoler
Sharon and Thomas Soetaert
Craig Sole and Wayne Long
Mr. Robert Sommer
Ms. Colette Sorell
Vivian and Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust
Mrs. Shirley Spiegel
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker
Mr. Ian Spinks and Ms. Juliette Singer
Mr. and Mrs. David Sprick
Ms. Joy Springfield
State Street and State Street Matching Gifts
James Steedle
Ms. Terri Steenson
Ms. Joyce Steinbuch
Mr. and Mrs. James Stephens
Ms. Sharon Stephens
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stephenson
Ms. Kathy Stepp and Mr. Howard Rothwell
Mr. Gary Stevens
Stephanie and Greg Stollsteimer
Mr. Adam Stoos
Greg and Barbara Storm
Mrs. Jacque Stouffer
Dean Stransky
Aviva Ajmera and Wayne Strickland
Stephen and Mary Stringer
Suhor Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Sullivan
The Sunderland Foundation
John and Dana Sutton
Deb and Tom Swenson
Sylvia Swif


Mr. and Mrs. Sascha Taghizadeh
Ms. Victoria Tane
Kyle Tarvin
Ms. Charlene Taylor
Ann and Frank Taylor
Ms. Marie Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Kathleen Teahan
Ms. Diane Teal
Ms. Betsy Tedrow
Dr. Rana Tenorio
The Trudy Foundation
Kurtis L. Thiel
Mr. Daniel Thieman II
Ms. Charlene Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thompson
Cathy and Don Thomson
Thomas and Nancy Thornhill
Ms. Ann Thornton
Tico Productions LLC / Tico Sports
Marcia and Dennis Tighe
Mark and Sharon Tompkins
The Brad Tompkins Family
Ms. Joan Tongier
Karen Toughey
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Trager
Alfred Rose Trevino
Mr. J. Brian Tubbs
Megan Hudson Tucker
Fr. Paul Turner


U.S. Engineering Innovations
UMB Financial Corporation
Unified Government-Hollywood Casino of Wyandotte County
Ms. Julia Unverfehrt
US Bank Foundation


Ms. Gayle Van Auken
Mr. Andrew Van Der Laan and Ms. Rebecca Schwietz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Van Way III
Ms. Ginny Varraveto
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Victor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Virden
Marty and Wendy Vogel
Ms. Alyson Von Feldt
Beatriz and Roger Vossman


Dr. and Mrs. Tondo Waldron
Ms. Christine Waldschmidt
Mr. Adam Walker
Angela and John Walker
Ron Walker
Ms. Rebecca Wallick
Mr. and Mrs. Del Walls
The Walmart Foundation
Madaline Walter and Lucille Windsor
Ms. Madaline Walter
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler
Mr. and Mrs. Myron Wang
Dr. Bradley and Barbara Warady
Ms. Candice Warzecha
Mr. Jim and Dr. Ann Waterman
Linda Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Watson
Mrs. Barbara Weary
Mr. Bill Weaver and Ms. Crystal O’Dea
Mr. and Mrs. Rocke Weaver
Col. and Mrs. Warren Weaver
Linda Weber
Keith and Margie Weber Foundation
Wallace Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Webster
Ms. Jennifer Wehmeyer
Mr. Matthew Weidner and Ms. Catherine Bourne
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weilert
Brian Weith and Michele Hamlett-Weith
Ms. Linda Wells
Anita White
Cecilia and Connie White
Ms. Pamela White
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker
Lou and Gary Whittier
Marissa Wickam
Ms. Christina Williams
Ms. Michelle Wilson
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Wilson
Mrs. Cynthia Wiscombe
Joyce and Gregory Wolfe
Darlus M. Wolff
Jean-Paul Wong / PURE Workplace Solutions
Mr. Steve Wong
Mary and Lance Wood
Gregory Woodhams and Julia Gargallo
Patricia Martin and Brian Woolley
Mr. Walter Wu
Ms. Julia Wulff
Dr. Michael J. and Cindy S. Wurm
Mrs. Margaret Wurst
Ms. Mary Wurtz



Sarah Ye
Ms. Marva York
Mrs. Sarah York
Dr. and Mrs. John Yungmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Damon Yurchak


Andy Zaborny and Karyn Clewes Zaborny
Mr. and Mrs. John Zaiger
Mrs. Rebecca Zandarski
Ms. Nicole Zaragoza
Mrs. Sophia Zetmeir
Ms. Kari Ziblut
Mrs. Laurie Ziegler
Cathy Zitnik
Dr. Judith Zivanovic
Mr. and Mrs. Cord Zucht