May 12-21, 2023

Bliss Point


Kansas City Ballet presents Bliss Point – find the greatest pleasures with ballets by Mark Morris, Jiří Kylián, and Alexander Ekman at the Kauffman Center

This mixed repertory production is an exciting combination of three unique contemporary dance pieces, each with its own distinctive style and message. The first piece, Sandpaper Ballet by Mark Morris, explores the relationship between movement and music, as the dancers gracefully move across the stage to a percussive score, creating a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience.

Next, Petite Mort by Jiří Kylián features twelve dancers performing to the music of Mozart, exploring themes of sexuality, death, and rebirth through a series of elegant and sensual movements.

Finally, Cacti by Alexander Ekman offers a playful and humorous take on contemporary dance, as the dancers interact with and manipulate large cacti on stage. The piece also features witty commentary and a self-awareness of the conventions of modern dance, making it a fun and refreshing addition to the program.

Together, these three pieces showcase the breadth and diversity of contemporary dance, offering a thrilling and thought-provoking evening of performance art.

Cacti Rehearsal

Sandpaper Ballet Rehearsal

Petite Mort Rehearsal

Bliss Point

A triple-bill of thrilling world-renowned ballets.

Bliss Point is a creative and intriguing production featuring three contemporary dance pieces. The term “bliss point” refers to the perfect balance of flavors that create the ideal taste experience, and the title of the production suggests that the performance aims to create a similarly perfect balance of movement, music, and themes. Additionally, the title has a sense of whimsy and playfulness, which is fitting for a production that includes the lighthearted and humorous Cacti by Alexander Ekman. Overall, Bliss Point captures the unique blend of styles and emotions that these three dance pieces bring together.

Sandpaper Ballet by Mark Morris

"Sandpaper Ballet" features a group of dancers performing in a fast-paced, dynamic style. The movements in Sandpaper are characterized by sharp, angular gestures and sudden shifts in direction, conveying a sense of tension and urgency. The title of the piece alludes to the abrasive quality of sandpaper, suggesting a rough, raw quality to the choreography.

Petite Mort by Jiří Kylián

"Petite Mort" is set to two movements of Mozart's piano concertos and features six male and six female dancers, who perform in black and beige costumes. The ballet is known for its striking and inventive visual imagery, including the use of large skirts and fencing foils, as well as its exploration of themes such as sexuality and death. "Petite Mort" has become a widely acclaimed and frequently performed work in the contemporary ballet repertoire.

Cacti by Alexander Ekman

"Cacti" features a playful and energetic style with a mix of classical ballet and contemporary dance techniques. The dancers move among a set of small potted cacti, which are used as props throughout the performance. The piece is known for its humor and wit, as well as its dynamic movement and engaging score. Overall, "Cacti" is a lively and entertaining piece that showcases Ekman's unique choreographic vision.

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Pre-Curtain Talks

Free for all ticketholders, arrive early and hear about the show you are about to see. Learn how music, special effects, and costumes all make magic on stage by attending the pre-curtain talk, Belger Footnotes, hosted by Artistic Director Devon Carney.

Held at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts one hour prior to curtain. No reservation is necessary.

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