May 8-17, 2020

Canceled – Celts

Kansas City Ballet has canceled this production.

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Lila York debuted Celts at Boston Ballet – a year before Michael Flatley’s Riverdance became a sensation – and is a stunning fusion of Irish folk dance and ballet. Set to the music of The Chieftains and more, this celebration of Irish culture has brought audiences to their feet with its choreographically intense jig and captivating energy.

Celts is the featured work in this “mixed rep” production. It opens with two short ballets, then followed by the, featured “headline” act.

Edwaard Liang’s Wunderland opens the show and is a gorgeous ballet washed in red and inspired by a giant snow globe.

George Balanchine’s Serenade is set in moonlight and is known as Balanchine’s most romantic ballet, an ode to the classic ballets Swan Lake and Giselle.