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Sponsor Spotlight: Onelife Fitness KC


KCB Dancer Lilliana Hagerman at Onelife Fitness KC. Photography by Lamin Pereira dos Santos
KCB Dancer Lilliana Hagerman at Onelife Fitness KC. Photography by Lamin Pereira dos Santos

Dancers are athletes. Very flexible, strong athletes.

Their days begin with a 90-minute ballet class to prepare their bodies to work. The rest of their full-time job Tuesday through Saturday is to learn and rehearse upcoming ballets. Even after such an active job, most find it helpful to fit in some additional fitness routines outside of the studios as well.

According to Kansas City Ballet dancers Lilliana Hagerman and Lamin Pereira dos Santos, working out in a gym can be a great addition to their fitness routine to help bolster their stamina—an important feat for dancers used to pushing themselves on stage.

“If I have a really hard ballet coming up, I go to the gym to pump up my stamina level and try to work on muscles that might be getting weak too quickly,” admits Lilliana.

On Mondays Lamin likes to take the “Circuit Circus” class at Onelife Fitness, downtown. This cardio class combines exercises for upper body, legs and abs with about 10 different stations with 10 different exercises. Each are executed for 30 seconds, than participants rest for 10 seconds before moving on to the next station. There are four rounds. “I take this class to build stamina in a different way than I am used to and it helps me a lot,” Lamin says.

Both Lilliana and Lamin speak very highly of Onelife, especially the location which is very convenient for downtown dwellers like them. But their appreciation of the facility and its staff goes beyond location.

“I would most definitely recommend Onelife,” says Lilliana. “They have such a variety of machines and classes to help anyone accomplish their goals.”

Onelife Fitness Sponsors KCB

As part of their sponsorship, Onelife Fitness KC, generously provides annual memberships for the ballet’s professional Company of dancers and artistic leadership. Onelife also is one of the supporting sponsors for Kansas City Ballet’s Director’s Choice performances that open tonight and run through May 21 at the Kauffman Center.

“We are truly honored to help play a role in providing a facility and programs to help assist the talented athletes of Kansas City Ballet,” says Bryan Bullock Community Relations Manager of Onelife Fitness KC. “This partnership makes great sense to us as our vision is to create a healthier, happier, overall more well city.”

Onelife Fitness KC is a valued Trade Partner of Kansas City Ballet, and the Official Fitness Club. We are grateful for their history of support—since 2015.

“The arts and health and wellness are both such integral components to the overall wellbeing of Kansas City.  We are honored to be able to assist in providing a quality fitness facility and programming to the Kansas City Ballet dancers. It is our hope that their time at Onelife Fitness contributes to their success in the ballet and the overall experience of the viewing patrons,” says R.C. Hahn, PES, BCS, WLS.

Onelife also has generously donated a pallet of bottled water and free, trial passes to Kansas City Ballet to distribute to attendees of the national Dance/USA Conference that Kansas City Ballet is hosting June 7-10, 2017.

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