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The Power of Pilates

EMS_2468This summer, Kansas City Ballet is introducing a new thirty-minute Pilates Reformer class as a part of our schedule of dance and fitness programs. Kansas City Ballet School Instructor Noelle Dowma discussed with us some of the benefits of incorporating Pilates into a regular exercise routine.

Register for a thirty-minute class online to see the benefits of Pilates for yourself!

Q: How did you get into Pilates and why?
A: In 1992, I was injured when dancing and ended up attending physical therapy at a clinic that specialized in dance injuries and Pilates.  Although I was off from dance for a few months, when returning, I felt stronger than ever.  From that point forward, I began taking mat classes and increased my study when getting my bachelor of fine arts in dance. 

Q: What do you like most about Pilates?
A: I love the way Pilates is innocently effective.  It feels gentle and yet the results are profound.  I can give myself a 20-minute, whole-body workout that promotes flexibility and strength.  One of my favorite aspects of Pilates is how it produces the ‘dancer’s body’ vs the bulk often found in the gym.

Q: We offer different Pilates reformer class sizes – what are they and what are the benefits of each?
A: At Kansas City Ballet, we have the good fortune of having a Pilates Reformer studio.  We can have classes of 2 to 5 people on the equipment. There is significant individual attention, yet the motivation of a group can be felt.  Students can also take a private session and receive one-on-one instruction.  This allows all pieces of the Pilates equipment to be utilized for a customized program, which include: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector and Magic Circle.

Q: How can Pilates enhance a current workout routine?
A: Pilates can help you work smarter, not harder.  By learning the principles of concentration, correct core usage, flexibility, breathing, and efficiency, all workouts become better and no longer can be mindless movements.  These additional results from Pilates only make natural movements such as climbing stairs or lifting a box become an inherent workout that keeps improving your body.

Noelle Dowma

Noelle Dowma is an instructor at the Kansas City Ballet School. She’s been certified in Pilates by the PhysicalMind Institute and Polestar Pilates Education and has a doctorate in Physical Therapy. Noelle has been teaching others how to be effective Pilates instructors since 2004.





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