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Planting Seeds for the Future: Lindsay and Scott Ramon


Supporting the arts and Kansas City Ballet is becoming a family affair for Bolender Society Members Lindsay and Scott Ramon. Scott learned a love of the arts from his parents who took him to see performing arts as a child in Illinois, and Lindsay had some experience taking dance as a kid. When they moved to Kansas City and married, they found the Ballet brought together their loves of arts and music with an incredible visual component for Lindsay—a visual arts lover.

“I remember going to the Lyric [Theatre] to see the Ballet. I’m not a big person but trying to fit my legs in those seats was always a chore,” Scott recalls. “It was just so cramped in there. I just remember there was paint peeling off the ceiling and Footnotes took place in the hallway. We became more passionate for the Ballet as the experience quality and level of professionalism improved with the Kauffman Center.”

Scott believes the Ballet really navigated the pandemic well with the New Moves Broadcast Series performances online as well as lots of Zoom conversations with choreographers. 

“I thought it was industry leading and it made us really proud,” he says. “I hope we continue to give voice to younger, up and coming choreographers. There’s such a physicality to the movement that you miss when you are far away. Up close, like at New Moves in the Bolender Center, you get a sense of how demanding the art form is.”

Scott shares why they designate a percentage of their income annually to give back: “If we want to keep this world class organization functioning well in a smaller market, then we need to focus our support on a smaller number of organizations. That’s how we approach the rest of our giving as well. We try to be as involved as we can with the organizations that mean the most to us.”


As parents of young children, the Ramons schedule guaranteed date nights that correspond to their Ballet subscription tickets. Though, their children are now old enough to attend along with them when appropriate, like with last May’s The Wizard of Oz performances. 

“We want to develop the appreciation in them from a young age so they aren’t intimidated to go to a performance,” Lindsay says. “I hope it becomes something they enjoy and want to continue to learn more about.”

Top Photo: Lindsay and Scott Ramon.

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