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Ramona Pansegrau

Kansas City Ballet Music Director Ramona Pansegrau came to Kansas City via the Boston and Tulsa ballet companies, where she held the positions of principal pianist, solo pianist, music director, and conductor.

She has been called one of the best ballet pianists in the world. Robert Joffrey said of her ballet class, “The perfect music for every combination.” She was music director for Tulsa Ballet for nine years, and conductor of the Tulsa Symphony orchestra for ballet performances before she became the Kansas City Ballet music director in October 2006. She was principal pianist/solo pianist for 10 years at Boston Ballet and tenured keyboard for the Boston Ballet Orchestra for 15 years. Pansegrau was on the faculty at Aspen/Snowmass Dance Festival for 11 years, served on the faculty and as music director of seven International Ballet Competitions, and taught at the Boston Conservatory.

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Kansas City Symphony

First Violins

Sunho Kim, Acting Concertmaster
Miller Nichols Chair
Sterling Trent, Acting Associate Concertmaster
Chiafel Lin, Acting Assistant Concertmaster
Anne-Marie Brown
Betty Chen
Anthony DeMarco
Susan Goldenberg*
Tomoko Iguchi
Dorris Dai Janssen
Filip LazovskiΔ
Vladimir Rykov
Rachel SandmanΔ
Alex Shum*

Second Violins

Tamamo Someya Gibbs, Principal
Kristin Velicer, Acting Associate Principal
Minhye Helena Choi, Acting Assistant Principal
Nancy Beckmann
Mary Garcia Grant
Kazato Inouye
Rena Ishii
Lisa JacksonΔ
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Matthew Sinno, Acting Principal
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Sean Brumble
Marvin Gruenbaum
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Susie Yang, Associate Principal
Richard Hill Chair
Alexander East, Assistant Principal
Maria Crosby
John Eadie
Lawrence Figg
Rung Lee*
Meredith McCook
Allen Probus

Double Basses

Evan Halloin, Acting Principal
Richard Ryan, Acting Associate Principal
Jeffrey Kail, Principal 
Joseph Nuñez Δ
Caleb Quillen
Nash Tomey
Keith Wymer Δ
Brandon Mason


Michael Gordon, Principal
Marylou and John Dodds Turner Chair
Shannon Finney, Associate Principal
Kayla Burggraf


Kayla Burggraf


Kristina Fulton, Principal
Shirley Bush Helzberg Chair
Alison Chung, Associate Principal


Raymond Santos, Principal
Bill and Peggy Lyons Chair

Silvio Guitian, Associate Principal
John Klinghammer

E-Flat Clarinet

Silvio Guitian

Bass Clarinet

John Klinghammer


Ann Bilderback, Principal
Barton P. and Mary D. Cohen Chair
Thomas DeWitt, Associate Principal
Maxwell Pipinich^


Thomas DeWitt


Alberto Suarez, Principal
Landon and Sarah Rowland Chair
David Sullivan, Associate Principal
Elizabeth Gray
David Gamble
Stephen Multer, Associate Principal


Julian Kaplan, Principal
James B. and Annabel Nutter Chair
Steven Franklin, Associate Principal
Grant Smiley Δ
Brian Rood


Roger Oyster, Principal
Porter Wyatt Henderson, Associate Principal
Adam Rainey

Bass Trombone

Adam Rainey


Joe LeFevre, Principal
Frank Byrne Chair


Timothy Jepson, Principal
Michael and Susan Newburger Chair


Josh Jones, Principal
David Yoon, Associate Principal


Katherine Siochi, Principal


Elena Lence Talley, Principal
Fabrice Curtis

Justin White, Director of Orchestra Personnel
David Tebow, Stage Manager

* Non-Rotating Musician
^ New Member
‡ On Leave of Absence
Δ One-Year Member