The Creation of the World

Choreography: Todd Bolender
Music: Darius Milhaud
Set Design: Howard Jones
Costume Design Russ Vogler

The story of The Creation of the World begins with the Fall. Adam and Eve, having been rebuked for their sin, are cast out of the Garden of Eden. The ages pass until Adam and Eve arrive in the Big Apple during the days of bootleg liquor and gangsters, cocktail parties and flappers. It is at this point that we meet Peaches, leaving her parents to go to the big city. Once on her own, Peaches meets the Street Sweeper, a handsome young man who falls in love with her. This modern-day Adam and Eve meet a modern-day serpent, the Gambler, who entices them to experience New York. It doesn’t take the Gambler long to be rid of the Street Sweeper. With Peaches to himself, he takes her on a wild tour through New York. Peaches becomes the “life of the party” while the Street Sweeper searches unsuccessfully for her. As the stock market climbs, Peaches reaches new heights of worldliness until that fateful day when the market crashes and brings down everyone around it. Like Eve at the beginning, Peaches is destitute and ashamed. It is at this point that the Street Sweeper, cleaning up the mess from the crash, finds Peaches. His love overcomes her embarrassment and together they begin to rebuild their world.

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