Helping Kansas City Ballet Move Into the Future

Campaign Supporters

Kansas City Ballet has embarked on a major campaign to ensure that the joy of dance inspires our community for generations to come.

The Ballet gratefully recognizes the following campaign supporters for their generous gifts and pledges of $1,000 or more through November 30, 2022.

Named Funds

Brand Family Fund
Mike and Vicki Bray (Mixed Repertoire)
The Stanley J. Bushman and Ann Canfield Fund for the Reach Out And Dance (R.O.A.D) Scholarship Program
Dave and Dee Dillon Family Fund
Cathy and Steve Doyal (Live Music)
Estelle S. and Robert A. Long
Ellis Foundation (Company Apprentices)
Sue Ann & Richard E. Fagerberg Ballet Performance Enhancement Fund (Live Music)
Shirley & Barnett Helzberg Foundation
Joan J. Horan Fund (Live Music)
The John Hunkeler Senior Dancer Endowment Fund
Gay Dannelly and Richard Jensen Fund
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Family Foundation

George Hodges Langworthy, Jr., David Evans Langworthy, and George Hodges Langworthy, Sr. Fund
Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins
Dr. Robert and Barbara Clarke Nash Fund (Dancers)
Wendy and George Powell Family Fund (New Works)
Howard Rothwell and Kathy Stepp Rothwell Operations Fund
Bill and Ginny Shackelford III Fund
Tannye Shafran Fund (Audience Development)
Suzanne Shank
Derek and Linda Shoare
Gary A. and Kay M. Smith Fund (Dancers)
Greg and Barbara Storm Emerging Dancer Fund
James Taylor Fund for Production Expenses
The Thomas and Sally Wood Family Foundation (Senior Dancer)
The John and Angela Walker Fund for Live Music


The Beal Family Fund
Richard Belger and Evelyn Craft Belger
Vince and Julie Clark
Ally, Dr. Jessie Ng, and Dr. Tom Curran Fund
Don and Pat Dagenais
Jo Anne and William Dondlinger
Joseph and Diana Eisenach
Susan and Zack Hangauer
Hank and Mary Beth Hershey
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Kimbrough Higgins
Dr. Roger and Sandy Jackson
Colette and James Majerle
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley

Rachel and Matt Merlo
Miller Family Fund, in memory of Alan McMillan
Sarah Nelson and Jesse Pedraza
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
OCS Builders/Mike Nikolai, in honor of Marisa Whiteman
George and Suzy Pagels
Carolyn and Bill Parkerson
Fred and Cindy Rock
Christopher and Lisa Sirridge
Stratus Group/Courtney and Peggy Jones
Chris and DeEtte L. Whiteman
Thomas F. and Loren Whittaker
Patricia Martin and Brian Woolley
Rebecca and Ken Zandarski


Joseph Appelt

Sally Firestone Philanthropic Fund


Mr. Robert H. Maynard, in memory of Heather Maynard

Shirley Weaver Trust


Dr. Linda E. Mitchell


Elsberry Family Foundation

Charlotte Kemper Black


Gigi and Gary Rose

Jennifer and Bryan Wampler


P. Alan McDermott

Sharon and John Hoffman


Mary Ann and Bill Allen
Jeffrey J. Bentley
Mike and Vicki Bray
Robert J. Cody
Don and Pat Dagenais
Norman E. and Marilyn A.W. Gaar
Cynthia L. Hampton
John and Mary Hunkeler
Gay Dannelly and Richard Jensen Fund
P. Alan McDermott

Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
Wendy and George Powell, III
Jean and Jack Rosenfield Trust
Rowe Family (Jack and Paula Rowe)
G. Mark Sappington
The John and Angela Walker Fund for Live Music
Thomas F. and Loren Whittaker
Rebecca and Ken Zandarski

How will you be remembered?

Make your passion a vital part of your life story. Your gift is an investment that will have the impact and significance to secure the future of Kansas City Ballet.

We would gladly assist you with ways to make a gift that is meaningful to you and has a lasting impact for Kansas City Ballet. Please contact Jennifer Wampler at 816.216.5585 or by email.