Monika Overend


Monika grew up dancing as a student at the Kansas City Ballet School and loved every minute of it. After graduating from High School, she became a nationally certified Pilates instructor through Polestar Pilates, and is comprehensively trained on the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze, Mat, Barrels, and Chair. Monika is also a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant at Kinesphere Physical Therapy, where she often sees a variety of injuries or chronic pain cases. She is very familiar with human anatomy and physiology, and how the body moves. In addition to using Pilates to help people reach their physical fitness goals through group or individual class settings, she also uses it as a rehabilitative tool with her job as a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). As a result, Monika is able to expertly tailor exercises and classes for anyone and everyone based on what they need most, and she ensures that they can perform each exercise with proper form, yet still be appropriately challenged. Her favorite thing about being a Pilates Instructor and PTA is working with people to accomplish their goals. Monika believes that Pilates is the perfect way to tune in with your body and really understand the way it moves and how it impacts your quality of life. Developing improved motor control will significantly enhance not only the way you move, but the way you think and feel!