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Welcome to the official Kansas City Ballet blog! Our goal is to provide you with an inside look into the world of ballet here in Kansas City. There are tons of people involved in the running of a ballet company, all of whom have a special story to tell.

Maybe you want to know how the company dancers stay in shape…or maybe you’re curious how the costumes are designed and made. Well, this blog will give you all of that fun inside info and more!

Along with our company, our school provides great classes for young aspiring dancers and studio classes to those in the KC community looking to stay involved in dance…and in shape! We’ll give you a look inside these classes as well as the students and staff who make it all possible.

Here is what you can expect to find on the new KCB blog:

-interviews with dancers, students, and staff
-involvement by the company dancers themselves
-behind-the-scenes access
-and more!

It has been a busy summer here at Kansas City Ballet and we are already preparing for our upcoming season at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. We hope you will continue to follow our blog; we’re excited to share our stories with you!

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