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Kansas City Ballet leaps to new heights in Prairie Village

The beautiful, state-of-the-art South Campus at Meadowbrook is finally open. The new campus triples Kansas City Ballet’s former Johnson County footprint with four spacious studios, ample office space and various changing rooms.

Thanks to dedicated supporters like Marilyn Gaar, the South Campus at Meadowbrook is now a reality for students of all ages and abilities.

A dream school comes true because of YOU

“Through movement, children not only become connected to the beauty, joy, and grace of this art form but also enrich their lives in profound ways,” says Marilyn.

Marilyn is deeply committed to the admirable work of the Kansas City Ballet School in introducing young students to the captivating world of dance. Marilyn believes that investing in the arts, particularly dance, is crucial for shaping the future of our community. Her dedication to supporting the ballet is reflected in her generous contributions.

She feels that arts supporters and advocates play a vital role in preserving and promoting humanity’s cultural achievements. Alongside the collective efforts of many, these individuals continue to champion the positive aspects of our world, ensuring that the beauty, creativity, and inspiration found within dance remain alive and thriving.

“We’ve got to hold up our end to help people see the beauty in the world around them and the beauty that they can create and contribute to the world to make life worth living,” Marilyn previously said.

A city united in dance and creativity 

When Prairie Village mayor Eric Mikkelson first learned of the new campus, he couldn’t contain his excitement and appreciation. Mayor Mikkelson is overjoyed to have such an incredible group of artists, teachers and students making their mark in the area.

“(Kansas City Ballet) is giving our local residents a unique, top-tier opportunity to learn and perform ballet and dance in Prairie Village. Having the Ballet’s world-class talent here is a special honor that will enhance our community and lives for generations,” the Mayor said. “The arts elevate us and make us better. Performance art and dance have a rare ability to inspire and entertain.”

Mayor Mikkelson said Prairie Village has always had a strong civic arts presence with galleries, outdoor sculpture, music and more; being home to KCB’s only satellite facility is a big honor for the city.

“With the impressive enhancements to KCB’s presence here, the entire City and region will benefit.  I eagerly anticipate opportunities for the city and its Arts Council to partner with Kansas City Ballet to bring more dance performances and participation to our residents,” the Mayor said.

Here’s how YOU can start YOUR own dance journey at South Campus

Taryn Ouellette is a dedicated teacher and artist and was a student at the Somerset Ballet Centre (now KCB South Campus). She has worked for over a decade at KCB and was recently promoted to Principal of South Campus at Meadowbrook, a homecoming of sorts.

“We will not only continue to provide excellence in ballet training to students who might be considering a professional career in dance, this new location will also let us greatly increase our offerings in our open division of dance and fitness classes for the community,” Taryn said.

Classes for children (2-19 years) range from creative movement and pre-ballet to intermediate and advanced levels. KCBS offers a comprehensive approach based on the traditions of classical ballet and prepares students for the widest spectrum of opportunities within the artistic community and professional dance world.

Here’s a quiz that will help you find the best class for your child!

Adult classes offer teens and adults with any level of dance experience the fun and fitness of movement. Additionally, KCBS has been actively engaging with organizations and individuals to include classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury survivors, people with visual impairments, and an overall increased variety of adaptive dance classes.

“I believe this campus will reinforce the very accurate notion that dance is for everyone. The South Campus will be an inclusive space where students in any division or program feel supported, challenged, and inspired,” Taryn said.

You might try one of these new classes offered:

Baby Bundle Ballet

Barre Fitness


Ballet Bod



Find the best class for YOU and YOUR schedule! KCBS also offers a new client special of $25 for two weeks of unlimited dance & fitness classes. (Not valid for current students or Pilates Reformer classes)

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