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Dancer Spotlight: Logan Pachciarz

Company dancer Logan Pachciarz is entering his 12th season with Kansas City Ballet. He began his professional dancing career at the age of 15 with Twyla Tharp’s dance ensemble Tharp!. Logan joined Kansas City Ballet in 2001 and is married to fellow KCB dancer, Rachel Coats.

Q: How did you become involved in dance?
A: My mom got me involved in dance when I was young, around 7-years-old. My sister was dancing and my brother and I were across the street at a daycare. Because my mom had to pick us up at different times, she just decided to include my brother and me at the ballet school. So, that’s how we got started. My mom needed a consolidated daycare program. It’s certainly a wonderful job to have.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working in the same place as your wife, Rachel?
A: It’s pretty great because we don’t ever leave each other’s side all day long. I always have somebody to confide in, play off of, work off of, and certainly partnering with her is one of my favorite things to do at work. But just knowing that my wife is so close at hand to take good care of me makes me feel comfortable in the workplace. And she takes very good care of me…and, hopefully, I take good care of her!

Q: What is your favorite aspect about the new Bolender Center building?
A: Space. I think there’ s a lot of space to be able to separate yourself and to be alone to think about what it is to be an artist. There’s a chance to decompress. There’s a chance to get away. I think that’s really important to be able to remove yourself to create a better understanding of what’s going on around you. A lot of times, I’ll go into an empty studio and take Barre. It’s just a very nice experience that a lot of people don’t have… a spacious facility to use.!

Q: This is your 12th season with Kansas City Ballet. What is it about the ballet that keeps you returning every year?
A: I think the Ballet has grown exponentially over the 12 seasons that I’ve been here. Every year it keeps getting stronger it keeps getting better…the quality just keeps growing. It’s fascinating to be a part of this company in a time that for a lot of companies is very turbulent. But we stay very strong, which is very appealing to me because obviously it’s a wonderful time to be a part of a company that is just going through a Renaissance. So it’s very rare to be a part of that and to care about that and to want the company to be better and I think that I’ve always wanted that. I’ve always wanted us to better and to work at our extreme, and I think we’re doing that. I think that this new building and the people that have worked so tirelessly to get us that is just an amazing accomplishment, and that draws me in to stay for a long time, to know that other people are just as committed as I am.

In case you missed our Facebook post yesterday, below is a short video clip of Logan telling us who he thinks is the funniest dancer…and who has the funniest looking hair…


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