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Dancer Profile: Cameron Thomas

Company Dancer Cameron Thomas is an apprentice with Kansas City Ballet this year after two years as a member of KCB II. Find out more about what makes Cameron tick.


A: I became a dancer after being forced into a ballet class around age 10 or 11 as part of my gymnastics class. Later that year I was part of a local production of The Nutcracker and switched to dancing full time. After that I was off!

Q: what do you enjoy most about being a dancer?

A: I love sharing dance with others. That could be through live performance or through conversation. I think dance is very powerful, and I love demonstrating that.

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New Moves 2017. Cameron Thomas is pictured on the left. Photography by Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios.

Q: Do you have hobbies or special interests? If so, what are they and what do you enjoy about them?

A: I love music. I play piano and trombone. I enjoy playing music because it enhances my dancing but also exists outside of it. It’s a hobby I can retreat to.

Q: What do you enjoy most about Kc? Why?

A: I love the food—I’m not used to this many sources of good barbecue.


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