Velvet Vacancy

Photographer Steve Wilson.
Kansas City Ballet Dancers. Photographer Devon Carney.

Choreography: Emily Mistretta
Music: Anna Stromer, composer and musician, original music
Cinematography: Chris Burrow Photography
Editor: Chris Burrow Photography
Artistic Director & Producer: Devon Carney
Executive Director: Jeffrey J. Bentley
Episode Producer & Editor: Elizabeth Stehling

A reflection on the reality of the present and the imagination that radiates against it. One dancer conjures a world that comes to life in the vacant space we all left behind. The scent of dust clinging to the wings, the glow of lights turning on, their heat grazing your skin. The quietness as you stare into the deep black house. The way the sound deafens into the velvet seats.

This work was part of Kansas City Ballet’s New Moves 2021 Series which was presented virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic; premiering one episode online each week. All original works were filmed in beautifully iconic Kansas City locations. 

World premiere: Kansas City Ballet, April 29, 2021
Gem Theater, Kansas City Missouri

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