Dancers Angelina Sansone & Geoffrey Kropp. Photographer Steve Wilson.
Dancer: Lilliana Hagerman. Photography: Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios.

Choreography: Stanton Welch A.M.
Music: Moby
Honey, Porcelain, Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?, Rushing, Natural Blues, Run on, Guitar, Flute & String, My Weakness
Costume Design by Stanton Welch A.M.
Design: Lisa Pinkham
Staged by Ian Casady

My work Play is city life made into ballet with classical technique. The ballet is set on the street, where day-to-day activities become choreography. My inspiration for this piece comes from the sights, sounds, and routines of daily life in an urban environment. I chose to set the ballet to music by Moby, a well-known electronic musician, because I always wanted to choreograph to techno music. It’s wonderful at setting the ballet’s urban mood.

–Stanton Welch, 2006


Ballet premiere: April 29, 2004 at The Riffe Center’s Capitol Theatre in association with The Wexner Center for the Arts by BalletMet Columbus in Columbus, Ohio.

Kansas City Ballet premiere: April 13, 2018
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City, Missouri

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