Felicity Found

Photographer Steve Wilson.
Dancers Kaleena Burks and James Kirby Rogers. Photographer Elizabeth Stehling Snell.

Choreography: Margaret Mullin
Music: Antonio Vivaldi
Cinematography: Austin Walsh / AWStudio
Editor: AWStudio
Ballet Master: Kristi Capps
Artistic Director & Producer: Devon Carney
Executive Director: Jeffrey J. Bentley
Episode Producer & Editor: Elizabeth Stehling

Felicity Found is a celebration of the joy, beauty and human connection that dance provides to us. The work, while abstract, is inspired by and dedicated to Margaret’s niece Genevieve and her mother Allison (Mullin’s best friend). Genevieve was born at the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and due to health issues, spent several months in the hospital. In spite of this she radiates joy, and Margaret was inspired by the resilience and happiness that she so naturally exudes in spite of challenges. The piece is also an expression of gratitude for the talented cast of dancers performing the piece and the stunningly ornate venue (the Kansas City Museum), where the work is filmed. “After such a chaotic year, I feel tremendously grateful to be a part of an art form that is capable of infusing the world with beauty. It has been a true gift to get to create a work that highlights these incredible dancers and that shows an honest appreciation for the now rare privilege of intimate human connection. Felicity means both intense joy and the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts. Dance is the ultimate mode of expression for me. I sincerely hope that this piece will provide those who watch it with a moment of comfort and elation, and that we can transport them to a more beautiful and connected world through dance.” says Mullin.

These works were part of Kansas City Ballet’s New Moves 2021 Series which was presented virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic; premiering one episode online each week. All original works were filmed in beautifully iconic Kansas City locations. 

World premiere: Kansas City Ballet, March 25, 2021
Kansas City Museum, Kansas City Missouri

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