Common People

Choreography: Margo Sappington
Music: William Shatner and Ben Folds

William Shatner’s CD Has Been was released in 2005 and I heard about it listening to an interview on National Public Radio (NPR). Having always been a fan of his, not just from TV, but from his previous spoken word albums. I ran to the record store to get it and immediately fell in love with the songs, played them constantly, and knew there was a ballet there. They are “storylets” on Shatner’s life with musical arrangements by Ben Folds, and they take us through touching, funny, heartwarming moments with the zany sense of humor and love of life he possesses. This ballet is dedicated to Bill, his wife Elizabeth, and all those who live each day to the max!
– Notes by Margo Sappington

World Premiere: Milwaukee Ballet 2007

Kansas City Ballet Premiere: May 2, 2013, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

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