Basie Land

Photographer Steve Wilson.
Dancers Amanda DeVenuta and Angelin Carrant. Photographer Devon Carney.

Choreography: Cameron Thomas
Music: Vintage Kansas City Jazz
Cinematography: Chris Burrow Photography
Editor: Chris Burrow Photography
Artistic Director & Producer: Devon Carney
Executive Director: Jeffrey J. Bentley
Episode Producer & Editor: Elizabeth Stehling

“Basie Land” is an ode to the big bands of the swing era. Jazz music has historic roots in the 18th & Vine Jazz District of Kansas City- “Basie Land” brings that energy and atmosphere to life with the coolest cats in the biz.

This work was part of Kansas City Ballet’s New Moves 2021 Series which was presented virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic; premiering one episode online each week. All original works were filmed in beautifully iconic Kansas City locations. 

World premiere: Kansas City Ballet, April 15, 2021
American Jazz Museum, Kansas City Missouri

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