Olivia Emert

Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Improv

Olivia Emert is a passionate and intentional choreographer, creator, and mover. Emert graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and Choreography from the University of Missouri Kansas City. Her movement education was completed under the direction of Gary Abbott, Michael Blake, Karen Brown, DeeAnna Hiett, Tempe Ostergren, and Ronald Tice. Currently, she is a Charlotte Street Studio Resident and an independent artist based out of Kansas City. Emert is in her third season with GEOMETRY’s second company, an LA based contemporary and movement research company directed by Mackenzie Martin.

Emert continues to dance, create and teach throughout the Kansas City community, where she has worked with Tristan Griffin Dance Company, Mortal Coil, Kansas City Open Pro Class, Kansas City Ballet, Owen Cox Dance Group, Charlotte Street Foundation, and Creative Intersections. Notably, her pieces “LEECHES” and “Intangible…” were commissioned for Creative Intersections founded by Cameron Thomas, supported by Kansas City Ballet and Owen Cox Dance Group. In 2022, Emert was a featured artist with the Making Moves series at Charlotte Street Foundation, producing her own evening length work, WOMB.DIRT.SKY. She continues to dive into research of relationships, dive into emotional intellect, and create different tangible environments throughout her work. Currently in her first year of the Charlotte Street Studio Residency, she is using her time and opportunity as an incubator to create, research and explore new works and concepts.

Olivia Emert seeks to be a multidisciplinary collaborator. She has built relationships working closely in collaborations with saxophonist, Colton James, composer, Tim J Harte, and pianists Matthew Esguerra and Euhyne Kim. Her collaboration and work with Tim Harte, “Ruminating Spasms” was featured at Modern Night at the GEM. She choreographed for Daniel D’Angelo’s award winning short film, “Steadfast.” Working with Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, she was the assistant choreographer and movement director with Michael Blake and Sidonie Garrett for The Tempest. In addition, she collaborates with cinematographers to create dance on film and continues to research to deepen this alternative audience perspective.

Emert’s work currently emphasizes emotional awareness, tactile partner work/relationships, and intentional creation of environment.