Blair Armstrong

Jazz/Hip Hop/Contemporary/Improv

Blair began dancing at age 2 in Topeka, Kansas. She danced competitively in jazz, hip hop, ballet, modern, lyrical, and tap for several different studios around Kansas before she moved to Lawrence to attend college at the University of Kansas. Blair graduated with a degree in speech language hearing and a minor in applied behavioral science. One of Blair’s biggest passions with dance, her degree, and her life in general is making connections with people and showing them the light they have inside themselves. At age 18, Blair’s choreography and teaching career began. She performed and choreographed for Point B Dance Company and local artists in both Kansas City and Lawrence, set pieces for competitive dance studios, and volunteered her time helping with Salvation Army’s children’s dance team. Blair continues her dance training at Empire Dance Academy and dances professionally for the company That’s Entertainment KC. She is a firm believer in receiving training from as many instructors and styles as possible. The more knowledge you can gain, the more you can share, and the more you can incorporate into your own choreography and improv. Ways to describe Blair as a teacher is high energy, encouraging, and accepting. She creates a class that is a judgement free zone and an environment that nurtures growth and creativity. When Blair is not teaching or dancing she is working at a school as a speech and language therapist. She thinks that self expression is one of the most beautiful things humans have the capability to do. In the future, Blair wants to tie in her two passions by creating a space where adults and children with special needs have their own safe space to express themselves freely.

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