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Pilates Reformer

If you’re searching for a way to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, balance your body or simply to stay in shape, Pilates Reformer could be your answer. EMS_2443

Pilates Reformer is a specific piece of equipment designed to assist in different Pilates exercises. It can be beneficial to people of any age, work out level, or body type.

KCB has a room dedicated to this form of strengthening exercise. We own 5 Pilates Reformer machines along with other pieces of equipment that provide a variety of ways to exercise different muscles in the body.

Listed are just a few of the many benefits (Source: PilatesReformer.com):

  • slender and longer muscles
  • slimmer hips
  • firm abdominals
  • increased flexibility
  • correct postures
  • better mind-body coordination

In the video below, KCB Company Dancer Josh Spell, also a certified Pilates Reformer instructor, demonstrates how to use the equipment and how you can benefit from it.


Don’t forget, KCB offers open Pilates Reformer classes which provide virtually personal training, with the maximum of 5 students allowed per class. We also offer private and group session as well. Click here for more info!

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