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Introducing the state-of-the-art South Campus at Meadowbrook

The revered dance school and dance organization will close its doors to a 21-year-old space and swing open the doors to new studios that celebrate accessibility, quality programs, resources, and new beginnings.

The $2.1 million South Campus at Meadowbrook will provide KCB with much more (and much needed) space and potential – far beyond what the two-decade-old Johnson County location had to offer with its two studios and limited dressing rooms and office space.  

The new facility will include four gorgeous studios with beautiful floors, ample dressing room space (for staff, adults, boys, and girls), and a fantastic work area for KCBS staff.  

Re-introducing Taryn Ouellette – Principal of South Campus at Meadowbrook 

KCBS veteran Taryn Ouellette has been promoted to Principal of South Campus at Meadowbrook and is overjoyed at the new space and the new opportunity.  

Ms. Ouellette’s journey with KCBS began when she was a student at both campuses. She left Kansas City for professional pursuits and to further her education, but something always brought her back. It’s been 12 years since she began teaching at KCBS and she cares deeply about Kansas City Ballet and the people who are a part of it. 

“I respect what we have already done here and believe in what we can do in the future,” Ms. Ouellette said. “(The new space) feels very open, inviting, and up to date and we have room to keep growing! This new location and the plans we have in place are going to enable us to continue to expand our reach in our community.” 

New space, same dedication to excellence 

Even though the school is moving into a new space, KCBS will maintain its dedication to providing excellent ballet training to students at the South Campus who might be considering a professional career in dance (all the way up through our Secondary Division of the school).  

“We wanted to create a beautiful experience for all involved. I hope everyone will enter the space with a sense of belonging and purpose, and this in turn will help reinforce the high standards that will be maintained for each of us that walks through that door,” Ms. Ouellette said. “I am incredibly excited to welcome people into this campus.” 

More space and more opportunities to connect with our community  

The new campus gives KCBS more opportunities to increase its offerings in the open division of dance and fitness classes for the community who may require a specific focus on their experience in the studio. 

“I believe this campus will reinforce the very accurate notion that dance is for everyone,” Ms. Ouellette said. “The South Campus will be an inclusive space where students in any division or program feel supported, challenged, and inspired.” 

KCBS has been actively engaging with organizations and individuals to include movement classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease, traumatic brain injury survivors, people with visual impairments, and an overall increased variety of adaptive dance classes.  

“There is so much energy behind it and so much coming together as we move forward. We are at the start of a wonderful new chapter for KCBS,” Ms. Ouellette said. 

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