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Danielle Bausinger: Become a Ballet Hero

From Human to Dancer; or are they one and the same?

Today marks the 100th day since we haven’t been dancing in the studio or performing on a stage and we miss it terribly! We miss it not because it’s our job and it pays the bills and our livelihood, but because of the way dance can make you express yourself in ways that words cannot. Or, how it can make you feel alive in a way materialistic things can’t. Or, the way it can influence people in an audience to see different perspectives from the same piece of art. Or, because it’s the one constant thing that we have spent the majority of our lives practicing and perfecting and we simply can’t in our spaces at home.

We are doing our best to stay motivated and hopeful that we can return to our work in the near future but the life of being an artist, that we are accustomed to, doesn’t exist anymore.


Two Sides to an Artist

The woman on the left is the person, Dani. The one you may know as a friend, sister, niece, daughter, cousin, Goddaughter. And the woman on the right is the dancer Dani. The one you know, that has spent her entire life dedicated to her craft; the arts. Ballet. One couldn’t be without the other. That’s what makes me, ME. But right now, half of me is missing.

I know we are all struggling to find a new normal. I know these are hard times. I know that I am not the only one feeling lost because they can’t do what they love. We are a nonprofit organization that relies on donations and ticket sales.

I am asking you to consider helping our organization on my behalf. That way, when the day comes that we can get back in the studio or on the stage safely and have our audiences feel comfortable sitting in our theater, we will financially be able to do so. We can’t wait to be able to continue sharing our art form with all of you again and we couldn’t do it without your support.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your consideration.

With gratitude,
Danielle Bausinger
Kansas City Ballet Dancer


Become a Ballet Hero

If you are able, we ask that you consider making a gift to Keep Kansas City Ballet On Its Toes through our 2020 Relief and Recovery Fund. Your gift will keep us strong so we can serve you, as well as serve those who can’t give right now. You can be our hero!

Questions? Contact Brent Kimmi, Director of Individual Giving at 816.216.5608 or via email. Click here to donate.


Top Photo: Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios. Middle Photo: Tom Styrkowicz.

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