Train of Thought

Choreography: Yury Yanowsky
Music: Peter Tchaikovsky, “Hymn of the Cherubim”
Cinematography: Cody Boston
Camera Operators: Cody Boston and Sam Snead
Drone Operator: Sam Snead
Ballet Master: Christopher Ruud
Artistic Director & Producer: Devon Carney
Executive Director: Jeffrey J. Bentley
Episode Producer & Editor: Elizabeth Stehling

An ode to what each of us has gone through over the last year, personally and as a society. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, Train of Thought is the hope that remains, that human interaction and togetherness will guide us through.

This work was part of Kansas City Ballet’s New Moves 2021 Series which was presented virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic; premiering one episode online each week. All original works were filmed in beautifully iconic Kansas City locations. 

World premiere: Kansas City Ballet, May 13, 2021
Union Station Kansas City, Kansas City Missouri

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