The Naughty Boy

Dancer Kimberly Cowen (center). Photographer Steve Wilson.
Dancer Kimberly Cowen (center). Photographer Steve Wilson.

Choreography: Trey McIntyre
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Staged: Dawn Fay
Costume Design: Kirsty Munn and Liza Prince
Original Lighting Design: Nicholas Phillips

“Fie! How naughty a boy Cupid is! I will tell all children about him, that they may take care and not play with him, for he will only cause them sorrow and many a heartache. Yes, he’s a bad boy, this Cupid, and you had better never have anything to do with him, for he is after all of you.”

Those are lines from Hans Christian Andersen’s story, The Naughty Boy that inspired the idea and the title for Trey McIntyre’s ballet. Mr. McIntyre says, “although the piece is certainly not a narrative representation of that story, it is the source of my original idea.”

World Premiere: February 2004, Ballet Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee

Kansas City Ballet premiere: October 9, 2008, Lyric Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri

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