Peter Pan

Dancers Catherine Russell and Stefani Schrimpf in As Time Goes By in winter 2005. Photographer Steve Wilson.
Dancer Dillon Malinski. Photographer Brett Pruitt & East Market Studios.

Choreography: Devon Carney
Music: Carmon DeLeone
Scenic Design: Jay Depenbrock & Holly Highfill
Lighting Design: Trad A Burns



Scene 1 | The Darling Family Home in London

In the Darling nursery, John and Michael are roughhousing as Wendy, their older sister, and Nana, the family dog and nurse, join in the commotion. Mr. and Mrs. Darling and Liza, the maid, come in to wish the children goodnight. As their mother and father leave for an evening soireé, the bedroom lights are dimmed.

As the children fall asleep, the bedroom lights fade, and the magical fairy, Tinkerbell, flies in. She is soon followed by Peter Pan, the boy who never wanted to grow up. Peter is in search of his shadow, which he lost there while looking in on the nursery at an earlier time, although he can’t remember how long ago anymore. After looking about the entire room, Peter finally finds his shadow with Tinkerbell’s help. He attempts to put his disobedient shadow back on him but it simply won’t stay put. Wendy stirs from her sleep due to the commotion in her room and discovers Peter, who she met a long time ago but vaguely remembers. She sees his predicament and helps Peter by sewing his shadow back onto him with her sewing kit she has by her bed.

When Wendy’s younger brothers awaken, Peter says hello and then teaches all of them the magical experience of flying with the aid of happy thoughts and pixie dust! Peter, seeing how well they are taking to the air, decides to invite them all to Neverland, which is “past the second star on the right and straight on ‘til morning.” They all agree and take flight into the night sky of London.

Scene 2 | Neverland

Approaching Neverland first, Tinkerbell warns the Lost Kids of the strange Wendy “Bird” arriving as her fairies fly through the trees. They mistakenly think that Wendy, in the distance, is some sort of strange threatening bird and shoot her out of the sky with an arrow. Tinkerbell is summoned by the distraught Peter, who has just arrived, to heal Wendy with the help of all her various fairies. They are successful and all celebrate.

Suddenly, in the distance, cannon fire is heard and everyone runs away to hide as the dreaded pirates of the Jolly Roger enter with their fearless leader and Peter’s archenemy and foil, Captain James Hook. Hook and his pirates are on the hunt to find Peter but upon hearing a distant tick-tock ticking of a clock they all flee. This is a warning sign that the ferocious Crocodile who ate the clock and is Captain Hook’s other nemesis is on the prowl and looking for Captain Hook. She ate Hook’s hand when Peter cut it off in a previous battle and fed it to her, and she has craved for the rest of him ever since.

The powerful Tiger Lily and her tribe appear in the moonlight, but then the Jolly Roger pirates sneak up and surprise them. Everyone scatters and Tiger Lily, in her effort to protect her tribe, is captured. Discovering her situation, Peter disguises himself as a “beautiful” sylph to entice and distract Hook and his pirates long enough for him to rescue Tiger Lily and help her escape from her captors. Peter, the Darling kids, Tinkerbell and Tiger Lily all celebrate this victory with the Lost Kids while Captain Hook plots his revenge.

Act II

Scene 1 | The Lost Kids Underground Home

As Wendy reads a bedtime story to Michael, John, and the Lost Kids, the evil pirates sneak in and one by one capture them all. Then they too enjoy a little story time. Afterwards, the pirates take everyone to their ship, the Jolly Roger. With much despair at the unexpected turn of events, Tinkerbell alerts Peter of their capture. Peter goes to drink his drink that Captain Hook had poisoned. With no time to waste, Tinkerbell drinks the fatal poison instead and comes close to death if not for the intercession of children’s applause around the world at Peter’s request. She is revived and they head off to save Wendy.

Scene 2 | Aboard the Jolly Roger

The pirates celebrate their recent escapades aboard their ship and threaten to make the Darling children walk the plank. Peter arrives just in time to save the day and battles Captain Hook. Peter and the Lost Kids win the day and Hook in turn is forced to walk the gangplank right into the waters where the Crocodile gleefully awaits him. Wendy becomes homesick and realizes that she and her brothers must return home because they miss their loving parents and they can’t remain children forever. Peter claims he will never grow up and reluctantly says goodbye to Wendy and her brothers.

Scene 3 | Back Home Again

Mr. and Mrs. Darling are so very sad about the disappearance of all their children. Suddenly, they all appear at the window and there is a joyful reunion as their family is whole once more. As Wendy looks out the window, she sees Peter and realizes the child within will always remain.

Kansas City Ballet Premiere: May 11, 2018. Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Kansas City, Missouri.

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