Choreography: Lew Chritensen
Music: Benjamin Britten

In a second rate circus, a juggler loved a wire walking star, but she preferred a young equestrian. Because his love was not returned, the juggler grew silent and apart.

His withdrawn strangeness caused an atmosphere of superstition to form about the juggler, and because of this, he was thought to be a jinx.

The fact that he was present at accidents to the young lovers made the anger of the performers burst about him. Pursued by all of them, the juggler was whipped so savagely by the Ringmaster, that he died. The performers buried the Jinx, who was mourned by no one save one pathetic creature, the bearded lady.

But, dead and buried, the Jinx was not yet gone. While the performers went through their acts again, in some grotesque compulsion, the Jinx seemed still to be present, though perhaps only in their guilt.

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