Flo Klenklen


Flo Klenklen began her association with the Kansas City Ballet as a dancer under the direction of Tatiana Dokoudovska while earning a B.F.A. in dance and pedagogy at the Conservatory of Music, UMKC. In 1981 when Todd Bolender took over as artistic director and opened a school, Flo gladly hung up her pointe shoes when asked to teach and work as administrator for the school. Fueled by the great artists who helped Mr. Bolender organize the school: Diana Adams, Una Kai, Jonathan Watts, along with many guest teachers, Flo enjoyed teaching a full schedule, assisted in Nutcracker rehearsals, in Kansas City and St Louis, and organized summer courses in both cities. In 2000 Flo retired from the school and for the next five years organized a summer course in Crested Butte Colorado in conjunction with the company performing at the Crested Butte Music Festival under the direction of William Whitener.

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