Bolender Society Profile Zack and Susan Hangauer

Pivotal Involvement: Wendy Powell

Wendy Powell is woven firmly into the history of Kansas City Ballet. Wendy grew up dancing. Her mother loved ballet and introduced Wendy to the art form as a very young child. Wendy attended ballets in major cities near where she lived—which changed often since her father was i…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Grant and Mimi

In 2014, Kansas City Ballet performed Michael Pink’s Dracula ballet. It was the beginning of a major departure for the company to try and bring in more diverse audiences. It worked. Besides record attendance and loads of new buyers willing to try ballet, it inspired Grant Lamas…

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Bolender Society Profile: The Hangauers

When Zack and Susan Hangauer moved to Kansas City from San Francisco many years ago, they also began a whole new love affair with ballet and the performing arts. Susan had taken ballet classes starting at age 3, and while Zack admits he didn’t have a dance background, he was qu…

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