The Academy

Pre-Professional 11-19

Pre-Professional Ballet Training in the Midwest

The Pre-Professional Division at the Kansas City Ballet is the most comprehensive ballet education available in our region.

The focus of this program is refining technique while fostering artistry. It prepares students for professional careers or further studies such as our Trainee Program and KCB II.


Be available to dedicate 6 days a week to attending class

Students will expand their knowledge:

  • Variations
  • Modern
  • Jazz
  • Body Conditioning
  • and more

Daytime Program

Intended for middle school and high school students with alternative academic study options, the Daytime Program offers daily intensive training to prepare young dancers for a second-company experience. Offering classes during the day allows students who are motivated and passionate for dance to attend more hours each week.

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Get Moving

Any student who wishes to join our Pre-Professional program must take a placement class to determine his or her skill level.

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Additional Resources

Everything from dress code to location information to auditions, Kansas City Ballet’s Parent Resources will tell you everything you need to know to set up your child for success.

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