Summer 2022 Registration

To Register, please follow the guidelines below.

Once your student’s level is determined, please complete the 2022 Summer Registration Form below.

Placement Information

Current Students: Summer programs are a continuation of the school year and KCBS students remain in their same level from 2021-2022.

For the Children’s Division (students ages 2-7), the class level is typically determined by age and grade:

Dance with Me: Ages 2-3
Creative Movement: Ages 3-5 (Pre-School)
Fundamentals of Dance: Ages 5 and 6 (Just completed Kindergarten)
Pre Ballet: Ages 6 and 7 (Just completed 1st grade)

New students from 2nd grade and up will need take a placement class. We will help determine the correct class for your student.

Register For Placement Class

Summer Placement Class

Please email to reserve your student’s placement class.

April 23 Summer Placement Class for New Students (Johnson County Campus)