kansas city ballet school summer intensive audition flashlight

Kansas City Ballet School: Summer Intensive Audition by Flashlight

There are roughly 25 auditions held during the Kansas City Ballet School Summer Intensive National Audition Tour every year, and several teachers on staff, including our school director, travel to teach these auditions. They’ve experienced a lot of things from cancellations…

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Injury Prevention for Dancers

Special Guest Expert Post written by: Katy Mercurio PT, DPT from Performance Rehab How Do Dancers Stay Ahead of Injury? Ballet dancers sustain injuries just like any other athlete. When part of a ballet company, a dancer will participate in hundreds of hours of classes, rehearsal…

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Devon Talks Swan Lake

Now that 2020 has finally arrived, so has Swan Lake—the greatest ballet of all time! With a debut in 1877, and known worldwide, the history behind this ballet is phenomenal, but it’s a love story at its heart. In fact, this is one of the quintessential ballets that every ball…

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