Studio to Stage Program -- A Ballet Introduction

One of many successful Kansas City Ballet Community Engagement and Education programs, Studio to Stage lends itself to creating an immediate connection between dancers and members of the Kansas City Community, particularly children. Studio to Stage is an interactive dance program…

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Danielle Bausinger: Become a Ballet Hero

From Human to Dancer; or are they one and the same? Today marks the 100th day since we haven’t been dancing in the studio or performing on a stage and we miss it terribly! We miss it not because it’s our job and it pays the bills and our livelihood, but because of the…

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Amaya Rodriguez Reflects on Swan Lake

Dancing the role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake is every little ballerinas dream. It’s one that Kansas City Ballet Dancer Amaya Rodriguez had very early on growing up in Cuba. “I became a dancer because of my dad,” she remembers. “At around 7 years old, my …

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