Growing A Passion for Ballet: Bill and Carolyn Parkerson

When Bill and Carolyn Parkerson’s daughter Julia begged to take ballet classes, they had no idea what an impact ballet would have on their lives. “She pestered me relentlessly for a year to take ballet classes. When I realized her passion for dance was not going anywhere, I e…

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Vicki Baxter: Dedicated to the Beauty of Ballet

Vicki Baxter began her love of dance at the age of 5 in Pennsylvania. She and her mother would drive 50 miles to Pittsburgh to see professional ballet performances in the 1950s and 60s. Vicki loved to watch the dancers. She also took ballet lessons for years. Both experi…

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Passionate Supporters: Colette and James Majerle

For 40 years, Colette and James Majerle have been Kansas City Ballet season subscribers. They’ve also supported the ballet as Bolender Society Members and as donors to the Ballet’s Endowment Campaign.   Colette’s love of ballet began as a student in her te…

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