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Devon Talks Swan Lake

Now that 2020 has finally arrived, so has Swan Lake—the greatest ballet of all time!

With a debut in 1877, and known worldwide, the history behind this ballet is phenomenal, but it’s a love story at its heart. In fact, this is one of the quintessential ballets that every ballet dancer hopes to perform during his or her career. Some of our dancers were only 13 the first time our company performed the ballet in its entirety in 2016.

Rising to the Challenge

Especially for the female leads who play both “Odette” and “Odile”, the roles are so challenging that it’s referred to by most in the field as ballet’s Mount Everest. I’m so excited for these women to experience this career-defining role which is not only technically and physically challenging but demands incredible acting chops as well.

Classical works, such as this one, are ballet’s roots, especially in the white swan acts with “Odette”. The large group of swans compromising the corps de ballet must breathe and move almost as one—the ultimate example of precision and timing. It isn’t any wonder this spectacular ballet has withstood the test of time, and it’s an honor and a privilege to present it again.

Reaching a New Generation

Swan Lake has an opportunity to inspire a new generation of artists and audiences here in Kansas City. It’s a masterpiece to be admired and revered and respected, like that of a Picasso or a Renoir. So, I’m thrilled to be bringing it back for audiences, not to mention a new generation of dancers. Providing opportunities to connect younger dancers to this work helps to create and cultivate a love of the art form.

In my heart of hearts I strive to do my part to preserve ballet history by making its introduction to new artists and audiences alike. In doing so, ballet lives on and grows in the souls of enthusiasts like you. Please enjoy!

Devon Carney, Artistic Director

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