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Current Contributors

Many thanks to the following individuals and charitable foundations for their annual and event support from November 22, 2012 through January 22, 2014.

* Nutcracker Ball or Sugar Plum Fairy Children's Ball Contributor


Dr. and Mrs. Michael Frost
Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation *
Julia Irene Kauffman *

DIAMOND LEVEL ($50,000-$99,999)
Estelle S. and Robert A. Long Ellis Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation *
Dana Seeley / The Seeley Foundation

PLATINUM LEVEL ($25,000-$49,999)
Arvin Gottlieb Charitable Foundation
Evelyn R. Craft Belger and C. Richard Belger
William T. Kemper Foundation, Commerce Bank Trustee
Missouri Arts Council
Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts - Commerce Bank, Trustee *
Shubert Foundation
The Todd Bolender Fund for Dance Performance

GOLD LEVEL ($10,000-$24,999)
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Bubb *
Capital Federal Foundation *
Richard and Sue Ann Fagerberg *
The Francis Family Foundation / Scott Francis *
Mr. and Mrs. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr. *
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Illig *
J.B. Reynolds Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Roger P. Jackson *
Jerome Robbins Foundation
Kao Family Foundation *
Master Craftsmen Foundation
Metropolitan Performing Arts Fund, UMB Bank N.A.
National Endowment for the Arts
Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund
Oppenstein Brothers Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Porter *
George and Wendy Powell / Kuehn Foundation
Ginny and Bill Shackelford
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Shoare *
Sosland Foundation
Greg and Barbara Storm *
Peter Sunderman and Curt Thomas *
The Thomas and Sally Wood Family Foundation
Sarah Ye

SILVER LEVEL ($5,000-$9,999)
Linda Lighton and Lynn Adkins, The Lighton Fund *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bray *
Dr. Amy Carter *
Mr. Kevin Cassidy
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Elsberry *
Enid and Crosby Kemper Foundation
GE Foundation
Ms. Joan Horan *
The Ingram Family Foundation *
Ingram Family Foundation *
Kirk Foundation
Susan and Dennis Marker
Mr. and Mrs. John Nobles
R.A. Long Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Sands *
G. Mark Sappington and David S. McGee, D.C. *
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Sirridge *
Vivian and Hymie J. Sosland Charitable Trust
Mr. Donald Steele
Ms. Kathy Stepp and Mr. Howard Rothwell *
Jean-Paul and Heather Wong / Contract Furnishings
Annie and Rick Zander

BRONZE LEVEL ($2,500-$4,999)
John and Anna Allen *
Jeffrey J. Bentley *
Ms. Carol Blum *
Joe and Claire Brand *
Mr. and Mrs. A. Joseph Brandmeyer *
Blake and Melissa Cooper *
Christopher and Megan Cribb *
Kyle Danner
Mr. and Mrs. David Embry *
Warren and Jenny Erdman *
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Feiock
Ms. Pam Fish
Dr. Fred D. Fowler
Brad and Carol Ann Goodrich
Ms. Lisa Schubert Hickok *
Darcy Howe and John Black
David H. Hughes, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Hunkeler *
Kathy Kelly and Bryan Folk *
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Kilbride *
Bill and Regina Kort *
Thomas and Janice Kreamer *
Tina and Vlad Kucherovsky
George H. Langworthy, Sr. *
Leslie Bowles Lerner
Siobhan McLaughlin Lesley *
Louis and Frances Swinken Supporting Foundation
Mr. Daryl Lynch and Mr. Ruben Chacon *
Martha Lee Cain Tranby Music Enrichment Fund
Ms. Molly McGee
Mr. Edward P. Milbank *
Sherrill Mulhern *
Dr. Daniel and Rev. Jean Murphy *
Barbara and David Nicely *
Dave and Melinda Petet *
Judy Pfannenstiel and David Waxse
Brandon and Lucie Pomeroy
Kelley and David Reed
Paula and Jack Rowe
John Rufenacht Associates *
Matthew and Heather Ryan *
Marny and John Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Siragusa *
Viktoria, Don and Adrian Smith, Angela and John Walker
Mr. and Mrs. James Stowers III
Mrs. Margie Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Whittaker

PATRON LEVEL ($1,500-$2,499)
Jim Abel and Deborah Hays
Regi and Chris Ahrens
Angela R. & Scott J. Allan
Lillard and DeVette Ashley *
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Barewin
Herb and Susan Bastow *
Sharyn and Irwin Blond
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Brandt
Lynne and Peter Brown
Sharon and Daniel Brown
Michael and Kirsten Byrd
Mike Calovich and Kris Marriott *
Devon Carney and Pamela Royal Carney
Patrick Cierpiot
Dr. Robert Claassen
Robert Cody
Holly and Chris Combest
Copaken Family Foundation
Patricia and Don Dagenais
Marvie and Mark Dirks
Mr. Kenneth Doll
Dr. David Donovan
Steve and Cathy Doyal
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Duffy III
Peggy and Terrence Dunn *
J. Scott Francis
Ron and Tricia Fredman *
Gary Dickinson Family
Charitable Foundation *
Betty and William George *
Steven and Lisa Glassman *
Merrily and Lewis Goetz
Dr. John R. and Mrs. Ellen R. Goheen
Jean and Moulton Green, Jr. ,
The Westport Fund
Innes and John Hale
Carol and Allan Hallquist
Susan and Zack Hangauer *
Mr. George G. Hans
Dr. and Mrs. Gary L. Harbin
Phyllis Hart
Henry Wurst, Inc.
Colby and Barbara Jones
Dr. Karen M. Jordan
Dr. Emily and Mr. Eric Larson *
Mr. Wayne E. Lippman
Mr. Gary K. Loftland
Colette and James Majerle
Dr. Winston Manimtim
Mr. G. Dale Mathey
Mark and Kandi McCasland
Family Charitable Fund *
Miller Nichols Charitable Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Nash
Ms. Margot Patterson
Diana and Rick Poccia
Sally D. Quinn
Michael and Kathy Rainen
Patty and Jerry Reece
Ms. Cici Rojas *
Thomas and Betty Scott *
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Solberg
Estelle and Morton Sosland
Mr. Richard Stitt
Ann and Frank Taylor
Bob and Susie Thill
Rev. Paul Turner
Mr. Paul Uhlmann Jr.; Elizabeth and Paul Uhlmann III
Jennifer and Bryan Wampler *
The Lohn Weber Family
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Weilert *
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Winn
Brian Woolley and Patricia Martin
Ms. Judy Wright
Dr. Michael J and Cindy Wurm

PRINCIPALS ($500-$1,499)
Lowry and Kathy Anderson *
Roger M. Arwood *
C. Bruce and Emilia Barksdale *
Ivan and Karla Batlle *
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Baty *
Vicki and Bruce Baxter *
Ms. Aimee Beemer *
Joan and Bert Berkley / Blue Heron Foundation
Thomas and Connie Black *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Bloch *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Scott Bondon *
Mr. and Mrs. Al Boulware *
Breidenthal-Snyder Foundation, Inc.
Robert and Pamela Bruce *
Ms. Janet Buckman
John and Laurie Burgess *
Mr. Matt Burgess *
Ms. Rebecca A. Burgess *
Victoria and Roger Burnett
Ms. Cathy Burr
Gwendolyn Cooke
Suzanne Crandall
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Dastrup *
Mr. Gregg Davidson and Sirrena Beyer *
Mr. Leland F. Dempsey *
The Dlabal Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Edgar *
Elaine Feld Stern Charitable Trust
Steven and Monique Elfman
Mr. Mignon Ephland *
Jack and Trudy Kopf Gabriel *
Ms. Kelly Gamble
George and Frances Gerritz *
Mr. Richard Gibson and Dr. Jennifer Ashby *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Green
Ms. Margie Greenlee *
Ms. Anne Y. Guillory *
Mr. Donald J. Hall, Sr. *
Caryn and Robert Hastings *
Heartland Combined Federal Campaign
Mary Beth and Hank Hershey *
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hibbard *
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Holder, in honor of Dr. Fred Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hunt *
Roger Hurwitz
Sarah Ingram-Eiser
Ms. Cathy Jolly and Mr. Scott Taylor
Mr. Burton Justice
Mrs. Marth Jane Katz
James and Jo Kelley *
Jonathan and Nancy Kemper *
Marianne and Art Lafex
Elaine and Benjamin Mann
Lynnly Busler Marcotte *
Barbara Hall Marshall
Dr. John J. May
Dr. William and Annette McCollum
P. Alan McDermott
Ms. Doris McLaughlin and Mr. Ron Mock *
Tiffany Meyer
John and Jacqueline Middelkamp *
James Miller and Ursula Terrasi *
Angela Miratsky and Charles Figas
Dr. Linda E. Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Bob Moffat *
Sharon and Clarence Newbern *
Henry and Cara Newell *
George and Suzy Pagels
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Parizek
The Parmelee Foundation, Inc.
Alison and William Patterson *
Carolyn & William Patterson, in honor of Vicki Baxter & Sue Ann Fagerberg
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick A. Pearce *
Adelaide and Braden Perry
Drs. Susan and Charles Porter *
David Renner and Marilyn Salomon *
Amy and Marc Richardson
Gary and Shrilyn Robben *
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Rose *
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Ross
Norbert and Anne Russ *
Wilda and Hal Sandy
Mrs. Judith Sapko *
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schaffer *
Paul and Amy Schmidt *
Janet Schwenke
Ms. Lora M. Smith *
Louis and Sharon Smith *
Katheryn and Robert Smith *
Thomas and Sharon Soetaert *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Spilker *
Dr. Michella M. Stiles *
Ms. Vicki Lynn Thatcher *
The Trudy Foundation
Mr. Daniel Thode *
Marcia and Dennis Tighe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Virden
Martha Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew V. Webster *
Ms. Helen White
Mr. and Mrs. Adam M. Winzenried *
Joyce and Gregory Wolfe *
Mr. Thomas Worth
David and Rita Wristen
John and Karen Yungmeyer *
Samuel F. and Martha Zickefoose *

SOLOISTS ($250-$499)
Renee and Vincent Andriani
Dr. Sol and Mickey Batnitzky
Karin Bauer
Ms. Stephanie Bays *
Dr. Grace Wisco Baysa-Ng *
Jim Blair *
Ms. Mary Grance Boreen
Peggy and Michael Borkon - in honor of Susan Bubb & Megan Bubb Cribb
Marilyn D. Breidenthal *
Mrs. Polly Breitenkamp
Mr. Peter Breitman
Robert and Catherine Brents *
Ruth Brito *
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Butler
Kevin and Ginger Carr *
Paul Christenson and Melissa Rosado de Christenson
City of Fountains Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Colligan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Conwell
James and Brenda Cook *
Beth and Dennis DaSilva
Barbara Dodson *
Robert Dona
Greg and Amber Drunert *
Ms. Hannah Fenley
Joseph H. Ford
Stephanie Freeman *
Mr. and Mrs. William Frick
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gaar
Bryce and Katie Gahagan *
Ann and Douglas Ghertner
Ms. Michelle Schepmann *
Susan Gilmore and Barry Loughrige
Chris and Jamie Goodwin
Gayle Gotcher
Gina and John Hendren
Mrs. Jean Hiersteiner *
Ms. Sarah Hoehn *
Lesley F. Holt
Ms. Amanda Humiston *
Mrs. Tracy Ingle *
JP Morgan Chase Foundation
Ann and Edward Kander
Mr. Brian Kawasaki *
Mr. Robert Kimbrough IV
Ms. Natalie Kirk *
Ms. Carolyn Knapp *
Mr. Ricardo A. Kolster
Nathan and Heather Lagergren *
Peggy Lane *
Scott and Aubrey Langford *
Martin Leon and Craig Williams
Ms. Cynthia Likens *
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mathes *
Ms. Margaretta Mays *
Debra McClelland
Deana McClure *
Mr. Mark E. McNeal Jr. *
Don and Nany Middleton
Mrs. Beth Moylan *
Bret and April Oberbroeckling *
Cassandra Pearson
Timothy W. Peters and Joyce E. Brown
Matthew and Mary Ann Queen *
Ms. Sharon Rathbun *
Ms. Amanda Rittermeyer *
Matthew and Heidi Russell *
Michael and Ann Sheehan
Ms. Laurel Sherwood *
Ms. Lille Silwance *
Erik Smith and Cynthia Cooke
Thomas and April Stivers *
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stokes *
Brian and Cheryl Todd *
Mr. J. Brian Tubbs
Mrs. Sharon Uhlig *
Jake and Kate Wagner *
Mr. Marcus Walker
Ms. Diane Marie White *
Lou and Gary Whittier
Dr. Wilma Wilcox *
Mrs. Barbara Jean Willson *
Kathy Witherspoon
Julie and Stephen Zanone
Ron Zoglin and Deborah Shouse / The Creativity Connection

CORPS DE BALLET ($100-$249)
Joan and Earl Adam
Ms. Sara Adams
Carolyn and Robert Adkins
In Honor of Kalle
Elizabeth Appleby
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Backstrom
Randall and Elizabeth Barbour
Ms. Darcy Bateman *
Melinda L. Beal *
John and Cheryl Bester
Ken and Ann Bilderback
James Bingham
Ms. Loretta Birkenmeier
Dr. Christine Marie Boutwell
Ron and Patty Bowen
Bruce & Linda Bradley
Mary S. Branton
Marla Brems
Ms. Judith Brougham
Ms. Shalon Brown
Peter Browne and Julie Walker-Browne *
Ms. Heidi Ann Brungardt
Ms. Ysolde Butner *
Sharon Butts
Kay and Jim Calvert
Anne Cartwright and Russ Keller
Ms. Nichole Chamley *
Steven S. Conway
David and Virginia Cooley
Ms. Marcia Cooper
Betty Ann Courtelyou
Dr. Patricia Cox and Mr. Doug Law
Mr. Anthony Crebbin
Eva and Bill Cummings
Daniel W. Cunningham
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cusser
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Downing *
Mrs. Barbara Eagleton
Willie and Alice Ergovich *
Victoria Erickson
Michael and Bridget Farmer *
Sally Firestone
Otto and Deborah Fleck
Ms. Jennifer Fuller *
Michael and Heather Gavin
Ms. Andrea Generaux *
Ms. Cynthia Gibson
Mads and Tamara Gisselbaek *
Stanley L. & Geraldine Goldberg Family Fund
Jacquelyn Golden
Mason and Andrea Goodmon
Cynthia Gordon and Peter Elliott
Anita Toby Grow
John and Bernice Hamra *
Susan Harrington
Mrs. Brittany Harris *
Ms. Courtney Goddard-Hawkinson *
Mrs. Jacqueline Heath
George Heiser
Betty Henson and Family
Glenna Osborn and John Herigon
Art and Carol Hicks
Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Kimbrough Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Higgins
Jean Hobler
Dr. Diana Hoelscher
Kirk and Elissa Holman *
Bruce Hopkins and Bonnie Buchele
Humboldt Sax
Tom and Carol Hynek
Marco and Sheila Ilardi *
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Israelite
Patricia and Bernie James
Joyce and Eugene Jennings
Ms. Joleen Johnson
Topper and Linda Johntz, Jr.
Mrs. Jennifer Lynn Kanan
Kansas City Art Institute Fireside Committee
The Kansas City Rose Society
Mollie Keeler James, In loving memory of Lois and Elisha Keeler
Cosette and Duane Kelly
Ms. Charlotte Lee Kemper
Maureen A. Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy D. Kennedy
Ms. Peggy Kiefer
Ms. Julia Kirk
Andrea and Thomas Klingner
David Langworthy, in honor of George Langworthy
Stephen and Julie Lehnardt *
Joan and Bernie Levine
Ms. Victoria Lewellen
Ms. Judith Lindquist
Mrs. Sue S. Luger *
Sharon M. Lundy
Ms. Lisa Lyddon *
Miss Thyannda Mack *
Gerald and Maria Magliano
Carol and Stuart Marschall
Ms. Shanell Martinez *
Ms. Francie Mayer *
Robert and Heather Maynard
Mrs. Darlene McCluskey *
Steve and Mary Anne McDowell
Mr. Larry McMullen
Dr. and Mrs. Max McReynolds Jr
Wendy and Patrick Melland *
Meredith Metzger
Bethine Minnis
Lola Muller
Ms. Patricia Needham
Justin and Kathy Nemechek
Mr. Harry K. Newby
Ms. Elizabeth Nord
Fielding and Janice Norton
Ms. Paula Oakman *
Dr. Donna Pacicca
Mrs. Kimberly L. Parker *
Eastin Pecota *
Charles and Gina Penner
Andrew and Melissa Petak *
Roger and Karen Prewitt
Ms. Jennifer Price *
Mrs. John H. Pruessner
William and Suzanne Raney *
Dr. Stephanie Rasmussen
Ms. Rosaria Rivera
David and Amy Rose *
Ms. Cheryl Salyer
Phillip and Sharon Sasser *
Ms. Carol Sattarin *
Kelly Saul
Mr. Rick Schladweiler
Mark Schonwetter
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartzman
Marlene and Uri Seiden
Jennifer and Greg Sherwood
Ms. Kylie Stock *
Jakica Tancabelic
Dr. and Mrs. John R. W. Taylor
Ms. Diane Teal
Dr. Rana Tenorio
Ms. Lesley Thomas
Sharon and Mark Tompkins
Ms. Mary Turner *
Kurt and Leanna Uniak *
Gerald and Marilyn Uppman
Ms. heather Versfeld *
John Wright and Kathryn Welch
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick B. Spears
Ronald Williams
Matthew and Amy Wintersheid *
Lauren Wright - Lauren's Limited Editions
Ms. Mary Yanics *
Dustin and Anna Zeck *
Dr. Judith Zivanovic
Ms. Elizaeth Zlitni *

FRIEND ($1-$99)
Jane Abildgaard
Lottie and Arthur Abt
Ms. Sharon Adair
Mr. Steve Adams
Dr. Terry Alleman
Mary and Garry Allen
Ms. Jennifer R. Allen
Risala Allen
Anonymous, In memory of Jane Bair Pierce
Jeanette Anderson
Ms. Robynn Andracsek
Mr. Matthew J. Andre
Mrs. Katie Armitage
Art & Literature Club
Steve and Stella Ayers
Ms. Melissa Bagley
Marcia H. Bailey
Mr. Gerry Barker
Ms. Kimberly Bartak
Ms. Melissa Batz
Ms. Willow Ann Baum
Ms. Tricia Bean
Mr. Adam Beckner
Michael Beers
Anne and Donald Belinger
Ms. Polly Belk
Ms. Cathy Bennett
Jane and Philip Benson *
Angeline Berry
Drew Berst
S. David and Nancy C. Berst
Ms. Tacy L. Bianchi-Holman
Mr. Gregory L. Bice
Bryan and Leigh Blackman
Stephen and Jill Bland
Amy Sue Bliss and Leo Nunnink *
Mr. Sean Bonanni
Ms. Peggy Bradfield
Ms. Barbara Bridges
Ms. Stephanie Bridges *
William and Laura Brooks
Mr. William Brosnan
Holly and Michael Buser
Kevin and Janell Caponecchi
Ms. Jennifer Casey
Sean and Susan Casserley
Travis and Kelly Chapman
Ms. Kathleen Coats
Mr. Aiken Conrad and Mr. Roy Cashman
Gail and Gary Cooper
Ms. Beth Coulliette
Ms. Yvonne Craig
Ms. Emerald Jade Ann Crawford
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Crouch
Bob Curran
Mr. Ronald E. Daigle
Ms. Jennifer Danner
Mrs. Patricia A. David
Ms. Marilyn De La Pena
Dr. Jennifer Dennis
Ms. MaryLou DeWalt
Carol Dickey
Ms. Cheryl K. Dittmer
Mr. Eric Joseph Doherty
Lawrence and Barbara Dolci
Ms. Mary Hendricks Duff
Jim and Karen Dunlap
Ms. Leisa J. Dunn
John and Julua Duty
Kenneth and Christine Eaton
Steven and Leigh Eck
John R. Elbert
Ms. Sharon Euler
Mr. Zachary Dillon Evans
Mrs. Jocelyn Fales
William and Michelle Fasel, in memory of Missy Zuk
Mr. Eugene Felling
Frank and Barbara Fisher
Ms. Sue-Ellen Flescher
Mr. Jeff Foley
Mrs. Bette Friedberg
Dale and Linda Gallaway
Mr. Steve Garrett
Ms. Ellen Garrison
Ms. Abby Geist
Ms. Antonia M. Ginardi
Joseph and Jennifer Goeke
Ms. Darcy Goeken
Ms. Beverly Gokin
Phil and Jeanne Goodin
Ms. Linda Gourley
Ann and Darrell
Edith and Keith Grafing
Mr. James K Gregory
Ms. Alexandra Griffith
Mr. Anthony Griffith
Ms. Mary Grimes
Ms. Maxine Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Guezuraga
Ms. Jennifer Gunter
Jeri Guthrie
Linda and Gene Hall *
Fred and Lilian Hall
Don and Jane Hamerle
Krik and Karen Hardcastle
Elizabeth and Jeff Hargroves
Robert Harken
Ms. Kathy Harris
Linda Hartman
Karen Elizabeth Haynes
Ms. Margaret A. Heckerdorn
Steven Heflin and Candace Evans
Ms. Elizabeth Henry
DeAnna Louise Hensley
John Herron and Jennifer Frost
Mr. David Hiler
Ms. Gay E. Hoffman
Ms. Yvonne M. Hohensinner
René Horne
Mr. Michael Horner
Ms. Debra Houghton
John and Martha Houts
James and Catherine Hoy
Charles and Betty Hulse
William and Margo Humenczuk
Ms. Alice C. Hunt
Ms. Rebecca Hutchens
Diana and David Ice
Ms. Susan Inman
Ms. Audrey Irick *
Rita Jacobsmeyer
Carla Jenkins
Ms. Marcia R. Johnson
Ms. Mary E. Johnson
Ms. Tamara Johnson
Msr. Jill DeVries Jolicoeur
Ms. Mary Jones
Elaine and David Joslyn
Ms. Linda Journeys
Matt and Irene Juarez
Kathy Kalin
Heikki Kangas
Mr. Gordon Kauffman
Michael Kaye and Susana Valdovinos
Ms. Peggy Keefe
Steve and Greta Kellepouris
Dr. Michael J. Kelly
Ms. Alice Kenney
Ms. Ruth Kline
Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Koch *
James and Alice Koch
Ms. Lynn Kowalski
Ms. Barbara Krueger
Patrick and Michelle Kueny
Leonard Victor LaGuardia III
Peg LaMourie
James and Kim Lande
Ms. Jamin T. Landreth
Thomas H. Landrum
Ms. Pam Lane
Miss Brittany Muriel-Marion LaPointe
Ms. Lula Larson
Ms. Victoria Launder
Ms. Kathy B. Laursen
Paula and Rusty Leffel
Preston W. Leftwich III
Michelle Leive
Mr. David Leska
Nathalie LeVine
Mr. Miles Eric Lewis Jr
Bill Lindsay
Ms. Abbey Lininger
Ms. Nanette S. Lippincott
James and Laura Lloyd
Thomas and Joyce Lohmeyer
Mr. Mike and Dr. Bettina Lowe
Mr. Tyrone L. Lowe
Iosel Y. Lugo
Bob and Angeline Marshall
Nicole Marshall-Ebersole
Jordan Martens
Ms. Joni Martinez
Ms. Julie Anne Marx
Ms. Teresa Louise Mashburn
Chris and Michelle Masoner
Ms. Catherine Chloe McHadden
Chris and Ellen McIntyre
Pat L. McMurray
Ms. Rachel Meixueiro
Jay and Symie Menitove
Kristi Mentesana
Ms. Helen Merril
Miller and Jeannette Nichols Foundation
Margaret Miller
Melanie Miller
Kerry and Robert Miller
Mr. Alan Moore
Ms. Josie Moore
Gloria Morgison
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Morris
Daisy and Walter Muff
Mr. John W. Muirhead
Victoria Newman
Catherine Niedt
Robert Noll
Mr. Randy L. Nordquist
Ms. Sarah Noulles
Mr. Charles Erik Nye
Mr. Mike Orndorff
Ms. Lou-Helen OSullivan
Damon and Terrin Pabst
Bill Pallucca
Mr. Baine Palmer
Ms. Amelia Glen Patterson
John and Pamela Peck
J. Chris and Kathy Perryman
Ms. Amy L. Peters
Steve and Kathy Peters
Miss Mia Peters
Mr. Jim Phillips
Ms. Lisa Pinsker
Jim and Nancy Poplinger
Bruce, Callee and Grace Reed
Ms. Charlotte J. Reed
Brad and Roxanne Reimer
Elaine Reiter
Ms. Lora Rochelle
Bonnie Rosenstein
Ms. Erin Routh
Ms. Hilah Rozier
Stephanie Saclolo
Ms. Megan Sanders
Mr. Steven L. Sanders
Ms. Katherine L. Schell
Ms. Helen Scheuch
William and Marjorie Schlosberg
Mr. Douglas Pate Schlueter
Ms. Heather Schmidt
Mrs. Jeanne H. Scott
Mrs. Benay Shannon
Dan and Lesley Siegfried
Ms. Rachel Simmons
Pam and Peter Smedile
Jeffrey N. and Virginia Smith
Ms. Linda M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Thomas and Elizabeth Smith
Mrs. Audrey Spahr
Mr. John R. St. Claire, Jr.
William and Kathleen Stafford
Mr. Donald D. Steele
Dr. James and Elena Steffen
Margaret and Jack Steineger
Mr. and mrs. Gregory Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Storm Jr.
Ms. Rachel Stover
Paul and Randi Struxness
Ms. Rebekah Studyvin
Steven and Cynthia Sudekum
Pamela and Terrence Sullivan
John and Dana Sutton
Ms. Sherry Sweat
Sylvia Swift
Jonatahn and Catherine Tabiendo
Leanne Tefft
Joe and Vicki Thompson
Robert and Sandra Thompson
Thomas and Nancy Thornhill
Brian Timpe and Erin Stein
Mr. Michael Toner
Lisa Tuckel
Ms. Jessica Lynn Turner
Velma Tyson
Arthur and Holly Valdivia
Beulah and John Van Haften
Ms. Ellen Vap
Ms. Jeanne Ventola
Mr. Mathew Vetter
Joseph and Susan Vogliardo
Thomas and Amy Volini
Mr. John S. Von Roue
Penelope S. Vrooman *
Charles and Patti Wagner
Ms. Angela Walker
Mr. Ronald Ward
Angie and Hadley Warwick
Richard West and Rebecca James
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Weide
Brian Weith and Michele Hamlett-Weith
Mrs. Pam Welker
Ms. Jordan A. West
Larry Wheeler and Timothy Hoover
Mr. Howard Wheeler
Ms. Mary Widmer
Mr. and Mrs. Winfried Wiegraebe
Ms. Susan Wiley-Carter
Allison Williams
Amanda Rose Williams
Rebecca and William Wilson
Ms. Sarah Woellhof
Teresa L. Wolfe
Ms. Melissa M. Yeager
Ms. Nettie Yewell