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The Academy

2013-2014 Tuition & Policies

Fees and Payment Schedules (based on 32-weeks)
A registration fee of $25 per student is due with the first payment.

10% sibling discount – Call KCBS for more information at 816-931-2299.

Class Monthly Payments
(Sept. -Apr.)
Semester Payments
(Sept. & Jan.)
CM/FM/PB $72 $288
Level 1 $77 $308
Level 2 $137 $548
Level 3 $178 $712
Level 4 $240 $960
Level 5 $295 $1,180
Level 6 $305 $1,220
Level 7 $305 $1,220


Kansas City Ballet School accepts one of three payment options:
• Monthly Payment by credit card or check
• Semester Tuition Payment
• Full Tuition Payment (Payment in Full)


Financial Policies

• The first installment is charged at time of enrollment.
• Remaining tuition installments are charged the 1st of each month.
• Credit/Debit Card Decline Fee is $15.00.
• Returned Check Fee is $25.00.
• Tuition is to be paid in full by May 1, 2014.
• Upon enrollment, you will receive a copy of the Kansas City Ballet School policy manual.

• Students are registering for the full academic year. The full academic year is based on a 32-week formula. Winter and spring breaks are accounted for in this formula, therefore tuition does not adjust during these months.

• Payments should be made at the location where student takes class.

• A one-time registration fee of $25 per student and first payment are due on or before the first day of your student's class.

• Studio Division students have no registration fee. Class cards may be purchased individually or at a discounted rate for class cards of 20 classes.

• If you are making one payment for the full year, tuition is due on Sept. 1, 2013.

• Semester payments are due September 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014.

• Monthly payments are due on or before the 1st of each month for eight installments from September through April.

• KCBS highly encourages enrolling in our automatic credit card payment plan. The card is run automatically on the 1st of the month. Credit card information is NOT kept on file from year to year; information must be updated upon registration.

• Direct pay checks sent from your bank must include your child’s full name, class level and must be mailed to the location where student takes classes.

• Students with two consecutive months of unpaid accounts will not be admitted to class until their account is paid up.

• Posting of tuition payments will be limited during school vacation periods.

• There are NO refunds and tuition cannot be rolled over to another program or session.

Class Withdrawal & Re-Enrollment
You MUST withdraw from classes in writing using a withdrawal form. Submit to the school ofice by the 5th of the month or you will be held liable for the entire month’s payment. If you wish to re-enroll in your class, a re-enrollment form must be completed and turned in by the 5th of the month. Withdrawal from or re-enrollment into a class due to prolonged illness or injury must be verified with a physician's written consent. A form may be obtained from the School offices or online. Download PDF forms - Withdrawal form OR Re-Enrollment form.

Class Make-Up Policy
Classes must be made up within one month of the missed class. Last date to make-up is April 30.
Students may make-up in their current level or one level below. Advance permission is required from the School Administrator before attending a make-up class.