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Kansas City Ballet School

Kansas City Ballet School is recognized as one of the top ballet training institutions in the United States. Under the direction of Interim School Director Kimberly Cowen, the School offers a complete, professional curriculum for our Academy students. With locations in downtown Kansas City and Johnson County, the School maintains a faculty of over 20 instructors who have extensive performing backgrounds, and professional piano accompanists. The School's Studio Division attracts teens and adults who wish to pursue recreational dance instruction in a supportive and encouraging setting. 

Kansas City Ballet School is divided into two divisions.

The Academy
Creative Movement through Pre Ballet take class one day a week and are introduced to music, movement and group interaction. Curriculum is developmentally appropriate and introduces students to the structure of class as well as stretching, coordination exercises, musical forms, improvisation and limited ballet vocabulary.

Beginning with Levels I, girls and boys have a greater focus on classical ballet and the number of classes offered increases with each level. Students are placed in one of seven levels according to age, experience, and ability. They follow a structured sequence of training stages designed to increase their technical skills, stamina, and discipline in accordance with their age and physical development. The program includes classical ballet technique, pointe work, men's technique, variations, flamenco, jazz, modern, pilates and coaching.

Classes are taught to live piano accompaniment, a crucial element in developing the child's understanding of the relationship between music and movement. Inherent in the teaching of ballet are frequent corrections. Students are verbally and/or physically guided by the teacher to ensure proper body alignment and body placement.

The School offers full and partial tuition scholarships to Academy students who demonstrate artistic potential. Students who are in need of financial assistance may apply for financial aid.

In addition to regular summer programs, KCBS holds a five-week Summer Intensive that attracts students from around the United States. Students are admitted by invitation only, based on the results of a national audition tour held in January, February and March.

The Studio Division
The Studio Division Classes at KCBS are open to youth, teens and adults who have never had a dance class, as well as those who have had dance training and wish to continue their dance education. The class schedule is flexible and students can take as many classes as their schedule allows.

With locations in downtown Kansas City and Johnson County, the School maintains a faculty of over 20 instructors, each with extensive performing backgrounds, and professional piano accompanists.