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  Dancers Juan Pablo Trujillo and Angelina Sansone in winter 2009. Photographer Steve Wilson.

End of Time
Choreography: Ben Stevenson
Music: Sergei Rachmaninov
Staged: Li Anlin
Lighting: Kirk Bookman

The pas de deux was choreographed in 1984 for the International Ballet Competition in Japan where it won the gold medal for choreography. The two dancers I entered were already doing exciting pas de deux works so I needed a contemporary pas de deux that would be in contrast. The name of the pas de deux, End of Time, depicts my feeling that after some global devastation only two people remain on earth. This idea came from seeing the movie On the Beach.
--notes from Ben Stevenson

World Premiere: 1984 International Ballet Competition, Tokyo, Japan

Kansas City Ballet Premiere: February 19, 2009, Lyric Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri


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