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  Dancer Christopher Barksdale in Danse Concertante in winter 2005. Photographer Steve Wilson.

Danse Concertante
Choreography: Todd Bolender
Music: Ivan Stravinsky

When Danse Concertante was first performed in 1988 a reviewer wrote, "[It] is pure ballet, very much in the articulate, geometrical style that George Balanchine started in the 1930's but everywhere stamped with the mercurial quickness that is one of Bolender's trademarks." DanseConcertante, choreographed by Artistic Director Todd Bolender to "Danses Concertante" by Ivan Stravinsky, features scenery by the late Kansas City light sculptor Dale Eldred. These sets of florescent-painted horizontal tubing move behind the dancers in conjunction with each section of the dance. The crisp neo-classic ballet opens and closes with a march and in between presents six variations of contrasting character. Large ensembles are infused with zest and humor while solo, duo and trio variations range from slinky to spunky to wide-open bravura.

Kansas City Ballet World Premiere: May 19, 1988, Lyric Theatre


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